Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition review

Can you track down the flying cow?

Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition review


Today we are going to look at a game called Suicide Guy,  don’t fret about the name.  This game has you delve into the dreams of a man that drinks loads of beer and eats donuts.  While he is falling asleep his beer falls down, you will need to wake up in time to catch your beer.  You will need to puzzle your way through dreams that are going to baffle you sometimes. In this edition, there are extra levels but some of these levels are hard. Even though the name of this game might be weird, I had a great time playing Suicide Guy. The puzzles are fun with a lot of easter eggs to discover. Make cows fly, punch dragons and find super mushrooms!

What did I think before playing Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition?

I found this game on Social Media, I did not know that this game had been released before but I found out quickly enough. I also found out that there will be a second game later.  I asked the developer if he was interested in having his game reviewed, the developer was very interested and handed me even two keys.  One became a giveaway and the other I used to play the game. I did not know what to expect exactly but the idea of solving puzzles is always fun! To gather more information I went to the Steam page!

The Steam Page
This game will be released on June 3th 2021, which means it still takes a few days before you can purchase this game! We also learned that there are 31 puzzles to complete. There will be many creatures that can help you solve puzzles, like flying cows or dragons! The concept of this game is unique and I can see why people could have problems with the name suicide guy but the name does not bother me at all. If you are looking for a fun puzzle game, then you are in the right place!


I rate Suicide Guy with a 7.5 before playing.
The Steam page looks great with loads of information and clearly states it is not about suicide or depression. It is just a name, My advice is, don’t get too stuck on the name.


In this game you have a very important mission, you will need to face your nightmares and wake up before your beer falls on the ground. The only way to find your inner nightmare is by solving puzzles in your dreams. The best way to escape a dream is by dying!


I rate the story of Suicide Guy with a 6.66
The story is weak but enjoyable, why the 6.66 though?
Easter egg reference to level 23 of the game! Goats rule!


You will start the game with a small tutorial on a skyscraper. This tutorial puzzle is easy of course. The best way to escape is by jumping off but you might forget the statue! There are 24 collectible statues to collect for you! Except for the extra levels and final boss you can find a statue in each level! These statues are either right in your face hiding in plain sight or they are tucked away in some corner of the level. There are also some other secrets to find!

At each level the setting is different, you might be in a barn or even in a lighthouse. It is your job to find out how to die. What is the best way to d in a lighthouse you ask? I think you should rather ask Moby Duck the whale.  Some of the puzzles are convoluted and hard to grasp, others are easy as pie. The hardest level is the one where you need to control a rat!

To solve puzzles, you can use crates to get on higher platforms. You will also find many creatures to annoy. There will be items that you can pick up and use, for example, slingshots.  You will encounter many easter eggs like a super Mario-themed level or the goose from the Untitled Goose Game. Maybe you might even find the book of the death from Ash versus the evil dead. 


I rate the gameplay of Suicide Guy with an 8.8.
The gameplay of Suicide guy is where it shines, after having played through the campaign multiple times, I have only found one major bug and the developer fixed it immediately.  Also, if you like ginger breadmen, you can eat and kill them in this game!

Sound and Graphics


The graphics look good in Suicide Guy. There are many different themed levels and fun ways to solve puzzles. The dragon does return a later time but the puzzle is different, the reaction from the dragon is also different. I also like the fact that the flying cow eventually returns to another level. One of the fun levels also has a T-Rex that you need to anger!


The soundtracks and sound effects are very good in Suicide Guy. There are a lot of different sound effects and soundtracks to accompany the different themed levels. I personally like the robot that keeps saying, you shall not pass the most!


I rate the sound and graphics of Suicide Guy with a 9.0.
Another example of where Suicide Guy shines. I would suggest playing this game for the graphics and not the story!

What did I think after playing Suicide Guy?

The first time around it was a bit hard to find out what to do in the levels. Some puzzles are far-fetched and are true brain crackers. When I finally found the solution, I was like DOH. The solution was so logical I did not think of it. Best way to ruin a zeppelin? Fly into birds with sharp beaks! Other puzzles were easy to solve.  You will also need to platform a lot in this game but you can grab ledges which will come in quite handy from time to time.

This game did exceed my expectations in the gameplay department but the story was weak. nonetheless, I had a lot of fun when solving some of these puzzles. The extra levels are a fun addition if you are into more difficult puzzles. The developer is going to add some hints to the last level. If you are having some trouble finding your way through the levels, you might want to check out my guide on this game!


I rate Suicide Guy with an 8.0 after playing.
If you are looking for a fun puzzle platformer, this is the game that you are looking for!

What are my personal thoughts about Suicide Guy?

I had a lot of fun with solving these puzzles, some took longer than expected. Other puzzles were so obvious I missed them. Try to think outside of the box for the puzzles and don’t forget the collectibles!


My personal rating of Suicide Guy is an 8.0
I had a lot of fun when playing this game!

Last Words



Suicide Guy is a fun game and with the deluxe edition, you can expect amazing graphics and soundtracks. I understand a lot has been improved since the original version!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Suicide guy Deluxe edition in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Samet Yalçın

    i played previous versions are good.

    • supersven

      Let us hope that the next version has a lot more different levels!

  2. Simone Krijgsman

    Thre easter eggs are amazing!


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