The Universim review

What would you do with the power?

The Universim review


A new review has been brought to life with the touch of the creator. This is an early access review of the game the Universim. I have to say, for an early access game the quality is really good. There are some minor issues of course and there are some improvements to be made.  This is a god game where you need to keep your subjects, called the nuggets alive.  You will also need to research new skills and buildings to make sure your nuggets will advance to new ages. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, other tribes attacking you, natural disasters, and much more! Do not worry, in the early access all the ages are available but the space age has the least content.

What did I think before playing the Universim?

I have wanted to review the Universim for a while now, imagine my surprise when I actually got the key from the publisher! We even got a key from the Universim for a giveaway. Vitalit won this key and I hope he enjoys playing the Universim as much as I do. The Universim is a god game where you have the power to influence your subjects called the nuggets! Can you make sure they prosper? To find out more about this game I went to the Steam Page!

The Steam Page
The Universim is clearly a god game exactly in the way that we like it. I have no clue when the full game releases but if this game is as awesome as I think it is in early access, this could be one of the best god games to be out there soon!
I am excited to try the Universim and find out what this god game is capable of! I also quickly learned that you are able to use creator powers to influence the life of your nuggets!


I rate the Universim with an 8.0 before playing.
I am very excited to try out this game but I also want to leave room for improvement for the full game!


The story starts with a dark screen, with no life or light anywhere.  You the creator hears a voice ( the awesome narrator) With a single touch you awaken the universe and the universe springs to life. but alas, all life eventually ends without help, it is now your task to let life succeed with a little help of course!


I rate the story of Universim with a 7.5.
I like the story but I hope there will be more added in future updates!


The game starts out slow and small, you only have two nuggets, to begin with.  Before you begin, it is wise to know that the nuggets only have an IQ of 75. They are dumb creatures and will do dumb things. Without your help, they are essentially doomed! You will need to make a homebase called the evolution tower. This is where your main base will be. You also need to make sure that the nuggest build their home close by and not far away. If they do you can use your creator’s power to destroy the house and hope they do better next time!

Once you have finally managed to get your nuggets to understand they need a home close by, your real adventure starts. You will need to research items and buildings to make sure your nuggets keep evolving. This means that you need resources to build these new items and make sure your nuggets are healthy. A water pump will provide freshwater but you also needs a reservoir to store the water. If your nuggets drink from the lake they will get sick!

You will also need food and an eatery for the nuggets to prepare food. Once you have set up some building ideas, the nuggets will get to work. I advise you to not give too much work to the nuggets or they might get confused! You can use your creator powers to make nuggets fall in love to get more nuggets. If a new house is needed, the nuggets will automatically start building it. As your research advances, you will keep needing new materials and a new ways to find the materials. This is an infinite loop at least until you reach the space stage!

As you progress through the ages, natural disasters will happen, your nuggets might need help or other events might happen. If your nuggets die you need to make sure to get rid of their bodies. Otherwise, the plague might start, for which you need a hospital.  You can also educate nuggets in school. To make sure the nuggets keep prospering you will need to save them with your powers.  There is a lot to the gameplay of Univerism and I could type over ten paragraphs. I am going to let you figure out the rest for yourself!


I rate the gameplayo of Universim with a 10
Why a 10? The gameplay is already immesnive in early access, the replay value is insane and there is also a lot to do! Imagine when the space age is done and you can visit other planets?  There are even more gameplay elements than I can type in the gameplay section!

Sound and Graphics


The graphihcs are great and look amazing for a god game. The best part is when you switch to a new age and all the buildings change to that age! There is also a huge variety in buildings and that is in early access, imagine what the full game will hold!


The soundtrack and sound effects are great but what is even more amazing is the narrator. This narrator is sadistic and mean with a friendly voice! Whitty and snarky remarks will be thrown around!


I rate the sound and graphics of Universim with an 8.8.
I want to leave some room for improvement for when the full game releases. I think the narrator is an amazing nice touch to the game!

What did I think after playing the Universim

Universim challenges you with many tasks while trying to let the nuggets flourish and evolve. Making sure that they are fed and drink from resrvoirs can be daunting when you have around 50 nuggets.  Imagine how hard this will get when you have over 400 nuggets. The research skill tree is very fun to play with and the new update adds new discovery points. Send your nuggets down into the core of the earth and try to survive, which is harder than you would expect!

I also started over a few times but due to the traits of your nugget changing, there is a lot of replay value.  To unlock these traits you will need to do specific missions in a playthrough!  This also means you can switch to how often natural disasters occur and more!


I rate Universim after playing with a 9.0
If you are into god games, this is one of the best god games currently available. The gameplay mechanics are very solid even though there is still a lot to do before the final release!

What are my personal thoughts about the Universim!

I have made over five different files and tried different methods of helping the nuggets and using different creator powers. I have decided to make a baby boooming nugget civilization! Chapter 1 is now live on our channel!


My personal rating of the Universim is a 9.0
I had a great time when playing the Universim!

Last Words



If you are looking for a god game, this is the perfect game and you need to buy it!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of the Universim in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Super intriguing! Wish there were more giveaways for this previously. Awesome sven! 😉

    • Yeah but this game is from a big name, Crytivo. It is amazing they sponsored the giveaway but expect more of their games in the future!

  2. Seems like a great game and i'ma guy who remembers original populous games, already had it on wishlist. But is nice to see rating like 10/10 for gameplay, i will later look closer about this game and watch your video too.

    • I am glad that my review helps you decide if you want the game! The video shows exactly why the gameplay is 10/10. Expect wolve attacks, plagues, firestorms, blizzards, nuggets dying from mating to much and a lot more!

  3. I already wanted to play this game before you made a review! Behind the scenes, I kept looking at you playing the Universim.

    • I hope there will be a nice sale for you in the Steam Summer sale!

  4. Great review. Also, nuggets!!

    • Have you ever wanted to try Nugget bowling?

  5. Thanks for the review.

    • You are welcome!


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