Journey to Ecrya Tabletop game review

Can you climb all the way to the mountain or will you fail and become a restless ghost?

Journey to Ecrya Tabletop game review


Today we are doing a different kind of review than normally, I will be reviewing a roleplaying tabletop called Journey to Ecrya.  This means we are not going to rate the sound in this review as there is no sound in a tabletop game.  Keep in mind that this is a prototype of the board game and that a new review will be made with the official release of Journey to Ecrya.  In Journey to Ecrya you will be choosing a job and then scale a mountain full of dangerous monsters. If you like dungeons and dragons, then this game is perfect for you as you will find a lot of loot on the way!

What did I think before playing Journey to Ecrya?

I contacted the creators of Journey to Ecrya to see if they were interested in working with me to promote their game. My wife and I have Dungeons and Dragons with DLC, a variant on Dungeons and Dragons sounded amazing! It took quite a while before the prototype arrived, but we were excited to learn more about Journey to Ecrya!

Journey to Ecrya the main page

You can more information on
This website gives you a lot of information on how the game works, but the best idea of this game is that everyone is the game master! Are you ready for an adventure that you create together?


I rate Journey to Ecrya with a 7.8 before playing.
My wife and I were very excited but also wary because it is new and it would be the first time we are going to play a prototype! The part that we were looking forward the most was both being the game master!


Journey to Ecrya takes place on a cursed mountain that is ever changing with dangerous monsters and paths. It is your goal to defeat the final boss, but which faction boss lies at the end of your journey?


I rate the story of Journey to Ecrya with a 7.0.
I hope that the story will be fleshed out more in the final version of the tabletop game!


You start Journey to Ecrya by choosing your hero, there are multiple heroes to choose from and they all have different strengths and elements. Your elements are very important as this element will decide your fate in many encounters. Depending on your element you can use light or dark arcane magic, some elements can wield both. Once you have chosen your hero  you will need to set up the board, the rulebook will help you with this!

When all players have selected a hero and everything is ready to go, you can all draw three treasure cards. These treasure cards resemble your starting equipment. You might get lucky with some great gear, or you will begin with a stick. Once everyone has drawn their cards, the game can begin! Make sure that you have adjusted your attack and defense card properly.

If it is your turn as the hero, the other player will be the game master. Your turn consists of five different stages. First, you can gather new equipment by drawing one treasure card.  After doing so, you can equip any items that you want and prepare for the journey. Once that is done, you can get ready for traveling. 

The player that is the Gamemaster will draw an encounter card and describe it to you. The encounter can be an abandoned cave or maybe a monster. If it is a monster, you can choose to attack or interact with it. The outcome usually depends on your element! If it is a monster, a battle will ensue! You will need to make sure that your attack is higher than the defense rating of the monster to win. Failing to do so means you might have to flee and you cannot continue scaling the mountain this turn.

After the encounter, you can use any prepared cards or keep them for your next turn. If you have nothing else left to do, you can hand over the turn towards the other player and then you will become the game master! Who will be first to reach the top of the mountain and beat the final boss?


I rate the gameplay of Journey to Ecrya with a 8.3.
We had a lot of fun when playing Journey to Ecrya, why do you not take a look at some of our gameplay in the video below?



The graphics in a tabletop game work differently of course, how do the cards look or the heroes? The prototype is looking very good, but there is still some uncolored concept art. In the final version I hope there are more different arts for the cards, but otherwise the art is looking good! Who knows, maybe there will be more bosses!


I rate the graphics of Journey to Ecrya with a 7.3.
The graphics of  Journey to Ecrya look very promising for a prototype!

What did I think after playing Journey to Ecrya

We had a great time while playing Journey to Ecrya even though it is a prototype. We definitely want to have the final version to review and compare it with the prototype! What we liked the most is that the game plays like a simplified Dungeons and Dragons game along with everyone being the game master which is very innovative. At least I have never played a Tabletop game with mechanic.


I rate Journey to Ecrya with a a 7.7 after playing.
I am very excited to see what the final release of Journey to Ecrya will hold!

What are my personal thoughts about Journey to Ecrya

We had a lot of fun when playing Journey to Ecrya, as I am typing we still have an open game that we will soon continue with new heroes! Our first playthrough took around four hours!


Our personal rating of Journey to Ecrya is a 9,0
We are having a blast when playing this game!

Last Words



if you like playing Dungeons and Dragons, oh and have friends, this is the perfect game for you!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Journey to Ecrya in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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    I will make sure your minions will have a hard time when it's my turn to be the GM!


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