Remnant from the Ashes requested review

Time to root out the Root

Remnant from the Ashes requested review


Today we are going to look at the sequel of Chronos Before the Ashes. This game is called Remnant from the Ashes. This game released first, but, I played Chronos Before the Ashes first. The oddest thing is that Chronos Before the Ashes is a great but small souls-like game. Remnant from the Ashes is something completely different, this game is a what I would call a shooter looter but with an increased difficulty. The attribute points are scrapped, and trait points are added, but you will first need to unlock these. This time around, I will be using guns instead of swords and shields. It took me quite some time to learn how to play this game, but it grows on you.

What did I think before playing Remnant from the Ashes?

My wife enjoyed Chronos from the ashes a lot, and she was interested in playing other souls-like game. I had bought Remnant from the Ashes for my wife on her birthday.  I expected this game to be a bit like the first game or Bloodborne but with guns. Nonetheless, if the gameplay was as good as Chronos before the Ashes, we would be golden! To find more information, we went to the PlayStation store page!

The Playstation store page
I bought my wife the complete edition because we like complete games! She was very excited when she saw the trailer and wanted to grind some enemy bones to dust! We also saw the dragon return and we both thought that he would be the end game boss! My wife and I started this game expecting amazing gameplay!


I rate Remnant from the Ashes with an 8.5 before playing.
The game is presented greatly, Dark Souls with guns, if this were to be true this game would have been amazing!


(Slight spoilers)
The story picks up where Chronos before the Ashes  ends. A new hero is going to search for the other hero, but new monsters have arisen from the ash of the dead dragon. It is your goal to find out what exactly happened!


I rate the story of Remnant from the Ashes with a 4.5
There are a lot of things wrong with the story along with an amazing missed opportunity. 
First off, you need the DLC to finish the complete story of this game which is something we both do not like. 
The hero from Chronos before the Ashes does not get a few lines to thank you for saving him.
There are still unanswered questions along with an open ending, which means that we are most likely getting a Remnant from the Ashes 2.


Remnant from the Ashes starts with an intro in which you get to choose a class, but it does not matter what class you select. You can get all the other traits by playing the game, as well as the armor and weapons. This game also has you carry a weapon, but most of the time it is better to take out enemies before they get close to you. All weapons have a different range, from which they work at their best.

The difficulty in this game does not come from real difficulty, but rather unfair mechanics. Once you have learned how these nasty mechanics work, you will overpower this game with ease. The first problem is the traits that you gain from leveling up. You will get better traits later in the game, but chances are that you have already spent these trait points, you can only reset these after beating the end game boss. The world also has random generated bosses which means you might not get an amazing trait but your friend does!

Weapons have mods and can be upgraded in the base : Ward 13.  I never once upgraded my melee weapon or actually used it.  There are quite a few cheese weapons which you can use to cruise through the game some of these weapons come from bosses which you need luck for to encounter.  When killing enemies, you need to be careful because they will spawn behind you, this is one of the most annoying mechanics ever! They will also spawn behind you if you have cleared the whole area and double-checked every nook and cranny for loot!

The endgame boss is locked behind DLC, which means that you need to purchase the DLC Subject 2923 to finish the game. There is a lot of replay value when rebooting a campaign or playing alternate game modes. The game does grow on you, but my wife did not enjoy the game at all, she ended up watching me play most of the game.


I rate the gameplay of Remnant from the Ashes with a 5.5.
I did enjoy the gameplay, but it is hard to learn the mechanics to start enjoying the game. Furthermore, I finished the whole game and still had a blast, but I think the gameplay in Chronos before the Ashes was much better.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are amazing in Remnant from the Ashes, there is nothing wrong with the graphics, but I did find a slight issue with the enemy variety. This whole game revolves around you killing the Root enemies. Strangely enough, those are the enemies that you face the least!


The soundtracks along with the sound effects are great. I also liked the voice acting.


I rate the sound and graphics of Remnant from the Ashes with a 7.5.
There is nothing wrong with the sound and graphics, but I am missing some Root enemies.

What did I think after playing Remnant from the Ashes?

In the beginning of the game, I had a very rough time. I did not understand the mechanics at all, and I was looking everywhere to find out if there is a something like a skill tree. I did find out there are weapon mods that you can use as skills, but to be honest, I think that was quite lame! Not only that, but I would rather have classes with their own skills or no classes at all. Maybe they could have called it starting equipment?

My wife was very disappointed in this game, but nonetheless, we finished the whole game. We wanted to see how the story would end, but then we also got disappointed by the story. We rather go back to Chronos before the Ashes. In the end, I did learn how the mechanics worked in this game and I ended up having a blast! Some bosses felt unfair, though, and it took quite some time to learn how to defeat them!


I rate Remnant from the Ashes with a 6.0 after playing.
This game did grow on me as I continued playing and beating more bosses. Although, it was quite odd that the normal bosses were more difficult than the endgame bosses!

What are my personal thoughts about Remnant from the Ashes

I have to admit, the story was horrible, the gameplay mechanics were bad and not clear. Somehow this game grew on me and I did have fun when playing this game, my wife did not. On the other hand, I was also glad when I defeated the final boss! This game was fun and bad ad the same time, there were a lot of ups and downs while playing Remnant from the Ashes!


My personal rating of Remnant from the Ashes is a 7.3.
I have quite mixed personal feelings about this game. I think it depends on your taste in games if you are going to enjoy Remnant from the Ashes or not!

Last Words



Wow, that is quite a list of pros and cons! When you buy this game, it is either  a hit or miss if you  are going to like Remnant from the Ashes, but this game does not have solid mechanics. If you enjoy more difficult first-person shooters with some lightweight role-playing element, this is the game that you are looking for!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Remnant from the Ashes in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. "You will need the DLC to finish the main story" This is why gaming is going down the drain... At least this is my opinion they should release full game story as the main game, and if they must make additional $ release a dlc based around a secondary character adding more depth to that specific character, or new in game items etc, anything that's not essential to the main story. It's like buying an unfinished car, later they ask you to pay for the brakes.

    • supersven

      I agree with you 100% of the way!

  2. krutarth

    Nice read! Lots of cons over pros I see XD

    • supersven

      This game is very mixed, but the worst part is that you need the DLC for the main story!

    • supersven

      This is a real hit or miss game!

  3. jett cameron

    "You will need the DLC to finish the main story"


    • supersven

      hahah yeah otherwise you get stuck in the middle of the story! But you will get a open ending which is not fun as well.

  4. Roman

    Nice review

  5. It's a shame they did what Capcom and CyberConnect2 did with Asura's Wrath by locking the ending behind a paywall...
    Honestly, the practice of cutting out essential content that should have been included in the base game and releasing it as paid DLC seems to me as one of the worst practices towards the consumer from this industry


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