The Guardian Review

Choose your class, even though it does not matter! Fashion goes first!

The Guardian Review


Today we are going to look at a game that Reviews by Supersven has even made a trailer for! In this game called The Guardian, you can choose your own class and go on an adventure! Depending on your class, you will have different skills and fighting techniques. When completing levels, you will also gain extra skills to use, like healing. You will need to fight and platform your way through multiple levels with a light story!

What did I think before playing The Guardian?

I found The Guardian on Social Media and contacted the developer to request a key for a review. The developer was very excited to have his game reviewed. Thus, I asked for more information! The Guardian has 2D graphics and looks  quite wanky. The clipping looked like it has some issues, but I wanted to see it first-hand while playing The Guardian first. For more information, I visited to the Steam Page!

The Steam Page
The Steam page looks quite bad with not a lot of information. The writing is executed poorly, and I did not know what to expect before starting to play this game.
I think the developer needs to update the Steam Page to sell the game more to show people that visit the Steam Page what his game is all about!


I rate The Guardian with a 6.0 before playing.
The Steam Page seems unfinished and needs more work, but the game does seem fun!


The story starts with the brotherhood that needs to investigate the northern lands. It seems the element stone is missing, and it is your task to retrieve it. The story does not change even if you use a different class. The dialogue stays the same as well.


I rate the story of The Guardian with a 6.0
The story is quite weak, and I had hoped for a better story in the Guardian! Maybe different stories for different classes!


The Guardian will test your platforming skills along with your combat skills. Enemies will spawn out of nowhere to attack you! There are also loads of traps to evade! The difficulty is very high and attempting a level can take quite some attempts! Depending on the class that you have chosen, you will need to adjust your strategy!

For some attacks you will need ammunition or magic depending on the class that you have chosen. If you run out of ammunition, you can buy more at the shops that you encounter. You will need to gather coins while platforming your way through the levels! If you are in need of health, you can also buy health potions!

Each enemy that you encounter will have different strengths and weaknesses, some enemies are resistant to magic or normal attacks. There is not much more to the Guardian. You jump your way through the levels as you beat up enemies and gain new skills! After you have completed all levels, you can play all the levels again with a new class!


I rate the gameplay of The Guardian with a 6.0
The gameplay is very repetitive, and the distinct classes are fun, but there are no gameplay changes when selecting a different class aside from a small change in the animation.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are in 2D and reminded me of Maple story, however the art looks bad and clips a lot. However, I think that 2D games were the inspiration! There is not much enemy variety, but the sprites do look good, except for the clipping!


The soundtracks and sound effects are fine, there is nothing special to mention! The developer went for fun and joyful music, but it might have been better to use some emotional music for cutscenes!


I rate the sound and graphics of the Guardian with a 6.9.
I think the sprites and graphics could use a little upgrade, but other than that, it is quite fine.

What did I think after playing The Guardian?

Even though I did like the ability to choose different classes, it also means you would have to start the whole game over again. Due to the difficulty in some platforming elements, this is ill-advised. A better idea would have been to be able to freely switch between classes after rescuing them since there are no level ups available in this game or equipment but just attacks by mashing buttons.


I rate The Guardian with a 5.0 after playing.
The mechanics are all jumbled up, and the difficulty starts out to high to get adjusted to the game in a normal way.

What are my personal thoughts about The Guardian?

The game has good ideas that would be great if incorporated well. The tutorial stage was not fun as well as the fast increase in the difficulty spikes, I rather play other games with a high difficulty level that do have proper tutorials. Either have a great tutorial or not at all! Like games that throw you in the game without telling you anything, like Dark Souls. The second level is near impossible to complete unless you try over ten times, this is not a good idea to get people hooked to your game!


My personal rating of The Guardian is a 4.0.

Last Words



I would not easily recommend this game, if you are looking for a 2D adventure, I would recommend Maplestory which is also free! If you are looking for a difficult but fair platforming game, you can check out Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of The Guardian in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Meh, not really my kind of game. Don't like to jump around a lot. That's why we got married, so you can do those parts.

    • I remember how much you hate that in Super Mario 64, especially the camera that is annoying you, you really do not like that camera!


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