Jurassic World Evolution Review

Life will find a way to make you addicted to video games!

Jurassic World Evolution Review


Today we are going to take a look at a park building game and not just any park building game, this one has dinosaurs! Just like the game Parkasaurus that Reviews by Supersven has reviewed! Unlike Parkasaurus, this game has realistic dinosaurs but ugly sprites when it comes to guests. We are talking about Jurassic World Evolution! Create dinosaurs from fossils and give them a nice habitat, because if you don’t, they might escape and eat your guests! If you think herbivores will not kill your guests, think again, how many guests do you think a sauropod could trample? Can you manage a park with dinosaurs, get the highest rating for a park with the lowest rating of lawsuits? If you are interested in reading about Parkasaurus, you can read the review right here: https://www.reviewsbysupersven.com/2020/11/18/parkasaurus-review/

What did I think before playing Jurassic World Evolution?

Jurassic World Evolution has been on my radar for quite some time, but I wanted to wait for the complete edition before reviewing this game, now that I am sure that there will be no more DLC as Jurassic World Evolution 2 was announced, I can review this game with peace knowing I have all the dinosaurs available to me!
I was already sold of course due to all the dinosaurs, I really like Dinosaurs but nonetheless, I visited the Steam Page for more information!

The Steam Page

As you can see there is quite some DLC and that can become quite costly which is why we bought all the DLC in the Steam Summer Sale! The DLC gives access to new dinosaurs and adds three brand new campaigns! 
The Steam page looks okay but nothing special, I had expected GIFs and a more concrete list of gameplay features for a game of this magnitude. However, bio-engineering dinosaurs and managing a park sounds amazing!


I rate Jurassic World Evolution before playing with an 8.0.
The Steam page lacks information, but the trailer and screenshots show a lot of gameplay and information. If you are a fan of park building or dinosaurs, this page will sell you!


I am not sure how the story works, but it seems like a story of, what if  Jurassic World Evolution did not happen. You are hired to work as a manager for the islands that are also called the five deaths. There is a narrative story telling to immerse you in the game with iconic members like Jeff Goldblum. If you are wondering, yes you can make an Indominus Rex, and it will most likely escape and eat everyone.


I rate the story of Jurassic World Evolution with an 8.5.
There is not a real story to go with the game, but it is a lot better than what most of the park builder games have, it feels great to be put in the story where everyone blabbers your ear off, but you can be all, I can do whatever I want with which dinosaur I want, well at least after the tutorial and digging up the fossils! How does that work? Let us continue to the gameplay section!


Before you start Jurassic World Evolution, you can choose from three modes, however two of them are locked. You can, however, rush to unlock one of these modes. It is best to start with the campaign to learn the basics of Jurassic World Evolution. Next to campaign mode, there is a challenge mode and a sandbox mode. Challenge mode tests your patience, in sandbox you can mess around with unlimited funds and everything unlocked!

When you start the campaign, you will begin with a small tutorial that will teach you a few of the basics on how to manage your park. In the campaign, you have multiple islands on which you are going to need to build a park. Of course, you are going to need dinosaurs, but for that you need an expedition center and a research center! On each island you can build one of these buildings, these effects will stack to unlock more research and sites where you can dig up fossils.

To unlock new islands to gain access to these new fossils, you will need to have a well functioning park without guests that are being eaten. To do so, you will need to match the dinosaur rating for that island as well as entertain the guests. The guests have various need, and you can use the management view to see what they want and where they want it. When you have awesome dinosaurs, more guests will come to your park, thus you will need hotels for more capacity. You can also build shelters in case of tornados that wreck your fences to let the dinosaurs out. At least the guests will be safe if they reach the bunker in time.

Next to all that chaos, you will have missions to complete, these consists of three different divisions that wants you to do cruel experiments on dinosaurs. To get their main quest, you will need to do smaller quests first. Beware, though, if you clear one of the quests, the reputation for the other divisions will decrease. Completing these quests will net you new rewards and dinosaurs!

Some of these awards include genomes to enhance or mutate your dinosaur. After you have dug up a fossil and brought the chance to incubate to 100%, you can then splice genes for a dinosaur with better rating! However, for each spliced genome, the viability of your dinosaur will go down! To counteract this, you will need building upgrades which will increase the odds of a dinosaur incubating successfully!


I rate the gameplay of Jurassic World Evolution with a 10.
Even though there are quite a few mechanical gameplay flaws, I think what they have done with this park builder is amazing. The mechanics all tie in neatly together and work perfectly. Yes, there are flaws and some problems, but it did not bother me most of the time. I have had no game breaking bugs occur. All they have to do in the next entry, is build upon the formula and improve upon it to remove the flaws!

Sound and Graphics


What can I say of the graphics? They are amazing, I mean, the dinosaurs look so pretty. They are missing some feathers, though. There are a few clipping issues and adding a few more animations could be a good idea for Jurassic World Evolution 2. The dinosaurs keep repeating the same animation, still amazing though! The guests are extremely dumb and ugly. I dare you to zoom in on some guests, do not be afraid, they are just faceless!


You will hear some iconic music when playing the game, the sound effects of the dinosaurs could be a little better but is fine as it is. The voice acting is great and has some nifty Easter eggs hidden within some quests!


I rate the sound and graphics of Jurassic World Evolution with an 8.0.
I still see some improvements that could be made for the next entry in this series! How about a toggle button for feathers or scales?

What did I think after playing Jurassic World Evolution?

I have put in over 100 hours in a short amount of time on different platforms. I like the DLC dinosaurs a lot, but the two new campaigns are quite a bummer. Furthermore, I do like that the game has missions but really, all I want to do is build parks and let the dinosaurs out, err I mean keep them safely tucked inside the pen!

Jurassic World Evolution is highly addictive, I will just collect this Dino and build a few stores for the guests, whoops it is suddenly five hours later! When did that happen? 


I rate Jurassic World Evolution with a 9.5. After playing.
Even though there are some flaws in the gameplay mechanics, mostly the animations and clipping. This game manages to be highly addictive, which is something that you seek in games. Escape the real world and go engineer some dinosaurs!

What are my personal thoughts about Jurassic World Evolution?

What can I say? I love dinosaurs, always have! I also like park building games, especially with animals or dinosaurs! Not only that, but I loved every minute of gameplay, yes, even when ten troodons escaped along with a stampede of over twenty herbivores. Some herbivores might have been eaten by the troodons though.


My personal rating of Jurassic World Evolution is a 10.
Dinosaurs would rule the world and eat everyone, better hide inside when the T-rex comes out to play!

Last Words



If you like park building games, then this game could be great for you, but if you love dinosaurs this game will be perfect!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Jurassic World Evolution in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Simone Krijgsman

    I predict that Sven will play this game for many more hours to come!

  2. The DLCs are a not that great huh.. I'll have to try this out someday!

    • supersven

      This is an amazing game, the campaigns suck, but the dinosaurs are great!

  3. christopher rogers

    this game is fun i have it, i remember it took a while before i found out that you cant have like a hundred of each, i didnt know they had minimums and maximums pack numbers before they get angry lol until i was like " what does this social need mean and what are these 2-7 numbers mean and why did they start breaking my fences and killing my guests after i added 3 more" then i looked it up and felt dumb lol

    • supersven

      It is always wise to look up information before playing!

  4. cool detailed review!

  5. nice review


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