Lost Castle Developer requested review

Explore this Lost Castle on your Apple device!

Lost Castle Developer requested review


Today we are going to look at an IOS game called the Lost Castle. This game has a genre that you do not see much on the gaming front of mobiles. You will be dungeon crawling in first person mode while tackling different enemies and scavenging for better equipment! To unlock the better equipment you will need to find keys which, of course, open doors. This most likely also means that you need to backtrack regularly! This game is still being updated and will eventually come to Android as well for the people that do not own an Apple device.

What did I think before playing The Lost Castle

I was scrolling down on Social Media when I came across a game called the Lost Castle. It looked like a fun game to me, and I contacted the developer to get the news that his game would release soon. I received a key and started to download the game. Before I could play, my iPhone died, and I needed to get a replacement. In the meantime, I visited the IOS store page for more information! For this review I will not write a story section as Lost Castle 3D has no story that I know of except that you fight evil in a castle, I am unsure if you are lost or if the castle is lost.

The IOS Store Page

Since there are other games called Lost Castle as well, even though this game classifies as Lost Castle 3D RPG action game, it makes it hard to find the actual page through Google. This page gave me quite a lot of information though while making sure I get a new iPhone! I was very intrigued by the melee combat and wanted to try it out, I like sword and shield combat in first person style!


I rate the Lost Castle with a 7.0 before playing.
I liked that there was a new dungeon crawling game with actual 3D graphics as most of the dungeon crawlers are 2D or top down on mobile games, there is nothing wrong with 2D, but sometimes you want 3D!
There are also more games with the name Lost Castle even though the subtext of both games are different, the main name is still Lost Castle.


There are in game purchases, but these are not needed for completing the Lost Castle. I managed to unlock and complete all the levels without buying any of the extra items. You start the game without a shield, but in the beginning area you can find one. Combat takes place in  slow but steady motion of dodging and hitting enemies. It is good to know that enemies can hit hard and will take huge chunks out of your health bar.

Almost all levels except for the final boss can be beaten without getting hit. If you do get hit, there are potions that you will find scattered throughout the levels, but some are behind closed doors for which you need colored keys. When in combat, you need to block the attack or dodge it. Fighting with only a sword will mean that you are faster, but you will be more susceptible to attacks because of the lowered defense.

At the end of each level, you will face a boss, these are usually stronger and faster than the other enemies that you will face in the castle. If you manage to defeat the boss, you will be able to go to the next level. It is wise to make sure that you have collected all hidden upgrades. If you fail and die, however, you will need to start the level all over again!


I rate the gameplay of the Lost Castle with a 7.0.
I would say that while the gameplay is fun, the game is too short. The mechanics are also good, especially for a mobile game. I think that the difficulty could have been upped a few notches and bosses made more fair in a separate arena.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics is where Lost Castle shines, as the developer did a great job at making this castle look dangerous. Twist and turn in long hallways as you try to figure out where to go next. I would have liked more enemy variety, though, as most enemies are reskins of previous enemies.


The soundtracks are fine, as well as the sound effects. There is nothing unique or special.


I rate the sound and graphics with a 6.5.
Even though the graphics are amazing, there are too many enemy reskins for me. I would also have liked more epic music instead of the usual ominous music in an evil castle.

What did I think after playing Lost Castle?

I certainly had fun when playing the Lost Castle on my iPhone, but there are sadly enough only nine levels. The last level was also made very difficult, which means you will have to practice the level before being able to complete this last level. If there were more levels, I would have to give this game a higher rating!

If you enjoy dungeon crawling with some great melee combat, Lost Castle is a fun game for that, but I think the Nintendo Switch has better options. I think this game would work better on Steam, especially for the control scheme. It took quite some time to get used to the controls for reacting fast.


I rate the Lost Castle after playing with a 6.0.
There is no controller support, I had my PS4 controller raring to go, but sadly this game does not support controllers. 
There are not enough levels to keep you enticed for long, there is also not enough enemy variety. However, for 2 dollar, this game is fun. You get what you buy!

What are my personal thoughts about the Lost Castle?

I had quite some fun with this game, but sadly it ended as quickly as I had defeated the final boss. I think that doubling the levels would have been much better. Furthermore, I see a lot of improvement points for this game!


My personal rating of the Lost Castle is a 6.8.
There is quite some fun to gain in this game, but it is fleeting and dissipates very fast.

Last Words



If you can spare 2 dollars and have an iPhone, go for it if you love dungeon crawling, it sure is worth 2 dollars!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of the Lost Castle in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. I feel like asking a philosophical question. Is the castle lost?


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