Bee Simulator Review

Can you save the hive while buzzing around?

Bee Simulator Review


Today we are going to look at a buzzing review, do not worry this review won’t sting you but the bees might! Actually they would not, did you know that Bees rarely sting humans or other creatures? This game called Bee simulator will tell you even more fun facts about bees! In this game, you will not just fly around and do stuff, there is even a story line for you to complete! As a freshly newborn bee, you will need to learn about the world and eventually become the savior of your hive. Do not forget to collect as much pollen as possible!

What did I think before playing Bee Simulator

I have been interested in this for game awhile, and it even was in the March poll 2021. Sadly this game did not win the poll but nonetheless, here is the review! I am not a fan of animal simulators as they tend to disappoint, like Goat Simulator, that game might be the only game I have ever refunded! However, when watching footage of the Bee Simulator I got fairly excited, and it looked like an actual game with good gameplay elements! To learn more about this buzzing game, I buzzed over to the Steam Page!

The Steam Page
A Steam Page in its prime state, the page draws you in with colorful details and amazingly created GIF pictures! For each main feature in the game, you will find a GIF. There is also a list of features what you are going to encounter in the game. Travel to New York’s Central Park and take part in a single player story with many events, but there are other game modes like co-op split screen! If you are a fan of simulators or maybe, like me, you are not, this Steam page looks attractive and sells the game perfectly!


I rate Bee Simulator with a 9.0 before playing.
I got very excited to try out this game while I was looking at the Steam Page! All the information is there, and it is written and listed properly, what you can expect in the Bee Simulator!


The story starts out with you as a little bee being born into the world. First you need to learn how to use your wings, and then you will be assigned to collect pollen like all the newborn bees! However, as fate will have it, you will need to save the hive from being destroyed, but can you succeed? What if your hive does get destroyed?


I rate the story of Bee Simulator with an 8.3.
It is quite amazing that someone managed to make a story with bees! The story is neat and even has plot twists!


Bee Simulator has multiple elements for gameplay, but most of all you will be flying around and collecting pollen for your hive. All the pollen that you collect need to be returned to your hive, when you do this you will gain knowledge points! These points can be used to buy new skins for your bee, or maybe even a fun hat!

The main thing that you are going to do in Bee Simulator is fly around and sniff all the beautiful flowers! When you gather pollen from these flowers you can use a boost to fly faster, you are going to need this boost in certain activities that you will encounter around you in the world! One of these activities is racing to catch the other bee. You will also need to fly through hoops or the mission will fail!

Other missions could be collecting a certain type of flower rarity. To see what rarity the flowers are, you need to use your bee vision. Other missions could also include dancing or battling. How battles play out depend on your difficulty setting. If you play in hard mode, you can use attacks freely as well as blocking. 

If you, however, play on easy, there will be a bar with indicators when to press which button. There will also be battles in which you need to face two enemies! There are also achievements to complete like stinging balloons but do not forget about the main mission though, you are going to get sidetracked easily in this game!


I rate the gameplay of Bee Simulator with an 9.2.
There is lot to do in Bee Simulator,  aside of the main quest there are fun missions to complete. You can also play split-screen and have some fun in co-op style!

Sound and Graphics


The graphics of Bee Simulator are quite dandy, there are also billboards and the pictures and text are very clear! The extra skins also look great, and I did not encounter any big graphical glitches or bugs (pun intended). When flying, your bee will also emit a trail that you can also change with skins!


The sound is good, The bees can even talk, but they can not give you directions directly, this needs to be done with a dance! You can name your bee, thus the other bees won’t call you by name.


I rate the sound and graphics of Bee Simulator with an 8.6.
There is nothing wrong with the sound or graphics in this game!.

What did I think after playing Bee Simulator

It was very fun to play through the storyline! I got sidetracked a lot though for collecting pollen and completing additional missions! There are also creatures that you can find and poke, the poking will add them to the bestiary in the hive. You will need knowledge points to unlock them, though!

This game was a lot more fun than I had expected, and my wife and I also enjoyed the split-screen play! Some missions are very hard though, after completing the main story, new side quest will be unlocked!


I rate Bee Simulator with a 9.0 after playing.
If you enjoy simulator games than I would recommend this Bee Simulator to you!

What are my personal thoughts about Bee Simulator?

I had a lot of fun buzzing around as a bee, stinging random bystanders and popping balloons was very fun! As for replay value, the main story could be repeated, but I think this is a one time is done game. At least this is the case for me.


My personal rating of Bee Simulator is a 9!

Last Words



If you enjoy simulators and want to experience how it is to be a bee buzzing around and stinging random things, or maybe you want to steal some sugary sweets from humans, then this is the perfect game for you!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Bee Simulator in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Samet Yalçın

    That game is amazing. I hope i can get it somehow. Simulator games are so realistic cuz. Good day!

    • supersven

      Maybe you can get this game in a sale!

  2. Haha seems so much fun!

  3. Looks Like a cool game to Play. Hope it comes on Sale!

    • supersven

      I am glad that you like the game!

  4. Some reviews in steam were telling that it is targated to younger audiance, so you don't think so?

    • supersven

      I would think it is appealing for both younger and older people. We are 27 and 28, both my wife and I liked this game very much.
      Learning while playing a game is never bad, I learned my English from games for example!


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