Verlet Swing Review

Can you swing on the flying pizza?

Verlet Swing Review


The second game this week that we will review is another Japanese themed game. This time we are looking into Verlet Swing, a game which has you swing through the weirdest levels. It starts out fun and playful, but soon it turns out this game has sent you to hell There is no story in this game and the mechanics are quite shallow.  This game would be great for you to play if you are high. Encounter flying fish that spit out meatballs and more odd things!

What did I think before playing Verlet Swing

I got Verlet Swing in the Humble Bundle from 2020 which is quite a long time ago. I have played the game before for a review, but I rage-quitted the game. Verlet Swing is pure evil, but I have come back since the game is fun, that is when you start the game! It has been a while since I have rage-quitted. Thus, I went to the Steam page to refresh my memory!

The Steam Page
The Steam page does not have a lot of information, but the consensus is that you need to swing across 100 levels!
There are weird statues everywhere and other freaky things! Expect flying meatballs and pizzas! While other worlds are filled with retro consoles of Wondercon 1998!


I rate Verlet Swing with a 7.0 before playing.
There is not a lot of information on the Steam Page, the game does not look very attractive before playing.


Verlet Swing does not have innovative or unique gameplay, nor was it the first to think of swinging on a rope in games. For the earliest swinging experience, I would look at Pitfall that was released in 1982. In this game you also need to be fast to collect the most teapots for a level, however for me, it is simply impossible to do, even if I cheat the level by taking abnormal shortcuts! The teapots do nothing, except give you bragging rights if you do manage to collect all four teapots in one level for the fastest time possible!

All you do in this game is swing to the end of the level in short bursts. The worlds are divided into five different themes, each world gets a little harder. The last world, however, is a horrible experience in which you dread your existence and want to ban this game from your memory!

You can also play levels made by the community or make your own levels, these can either be quite fun or horrible! I keep wondering, in this bizarre world, what character are you playing? The gameplay is quite shallow, there are no decorations to earn like a different swinging color for example.


I rate the gameplay of Verlet Swing with a 5.5.
The game feels very shallow without a story or anything to earn while playing the game excepts for teapots that have no use.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are good in this game, weird mostly but good. You will encounter various decorations in different themed worlds.  Imagine giant fish that spit out meatballs or a cake with meatballs and ice! However, the graphics take a deep dive when reaching the final world! All decorations are replaced with rocks and some traps. The fun ends in this last world!


The soundtracks are fine, there is nothing wrong with the soundtracks. There could have been more, though. The sound effects feel as if they are on a loop!


I rate the sound and graphics of Verlet Swing with a 5.0.
The graphics are great, but take a turn for the worst when reaching the final world. The sound could have used a lot more polishing throughout the whole game.

What did I think after playing Verlet Swing?

All I wanted was a fun swinging experience. When playing Verlet Swing. However, the final world breaks the complete game, if you were to never play the final world, this game would have been much better! The developers went from a normal difficulty to insane high difficulty in the jump of one level! 

The whole premise of the game is that there are usually multiple ways of reaching the end of a level, however the developers also remove this whole feature in the later levels unless you are a god in these kinds of games. I am not an expert in this genre, as this is a game that I usually do not play. I had fun, quite some fun until I reached the final world! Furthermore, I had a giant déjà vu with my previous playthrough.


I rate Verlet Swing with a 5.5 after playing,
The game builds upon the premise that you can finish every level in multiple ways, however in later levels this whole premise is dropped to increase the difficulty to insane!

What are my personal thoughts about Verlet Swing?

I am never ever touching this game again, it starts out fun until you reach a level that is created to make you rage-quit! The level is actually called Rage! I dislike this game to my core!


My personal Rating of Verlet Swing is a 2,2,
I dislike developers that make a game with a premise and then  somewhere along the line just drop it. Also making rage inducing levels is not fun, games are meant to have fun not make you rage! Luckily, I never throw controllers, but I can see that some people would lose their head in this game!

Last Words



If you are looking for a fun game, Play Verlet Swing until you have completed world four, whatever you do, do not start world five!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Verlet Swing in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Simone Krijgsman

    Are you removing this game from your steamlibrary?

  2. Javier del Ríos

    It looks too trippy for me.

  3. Lucky Tonzura

    I love grapple hook games! But agreed, looks quite tough and frustrating. Usually you want a balance, because it's fun to defeat a hard challenge, but if its really hard, than you have to constantly repeat levels and it can get very repetitive.

    • supersven

      Imagine having to try the same level over 200 times!!!!

  4. If you are not stoned playing this game then this game will definitely get you stoned to death.

    • supersven

      I completely agree with you!

  5. I knew this game wasn't for me, and after reading your review I am certain it's not for me. good job

    • supersven

      I am glad that you figured that out with the review to avoid an unnecessary purchase!


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