Bulletstorm Grayson Hunt Review

time for some amazing skilled kills!

Bulletstorm Grayson Hunt Review


Today we are going to review the game called Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition, we do have another Review on Bulletstorm on Reviews by Supersven though! The other review was to answer the question if Duke Nukem belongs in this game. This review however is about the original format featuring Grayson who wants revenge on General Serrano! Bulletstorm features unique gameplay in which you need to kill enemies in the most absurd ways possible to gain skill points! If you are interested in the other review, you can read it here! https://www.reviewsbysupersven.com/2020/10/10/5589/

What did I think before playing Bulletstorm?

The last time I reviewed Bulletstorm we put Duke Nukem in the main role, but this time, Grayson  will be taking the Lead! This changes the whole game and the storyline. Suddenly the game makes sense again! In this game you can use the final echo leash to throw around enemies, you can even kick the bad guys into a cactus! For more information, we went to the Steam Page!

The Steam Page

The Steam Page does not feature any major points or gameplay predictions. There is only a slight text to explain what the game is about. There are fun trailers to watch though and good screenshots.  If you like First-Person Shooter games, then you would like this game if not, however, it might be hard to get you stoked!


I rate Bulletstorm with a 7.5 before playing.
The Steam page is not very attractive and finding information is not easy, unless you already know what the game is about, it might be hard to get excited. Luckily you can find that it is a First-Person Shooter though!


The story of Grayson Hunt is not one without trouble. After a fatal mistake of engaging in battle with a much more powerful spaceship, Grayson Hunt and his crew crash-land on a nearby planet.  After initially surviving with the whole crew but a few hard injuries, mutants attack and kill most of the crew. The sole survivors are Grayson Hunt and Ishi who has cybernetic enhancements to live. All hope now lies in tracking down General Serrano, killing him and getting savely off the planet!  


I rate the story of Bulletstorm with an 8.4.
I like how the story unfolds, but it could have been more realistic.  The characters that survive, do the most crazy things and live on to die another day! You can also read about this in the Duke Nukem version of the review!


The gameplay in Bulletstorm uses the typical *shooter guy* logic. Basically, you are immortal if you have a wall to hide behind! In this game, you will always have a crew mate to help you out in battles, but usually the non-playable-characters are just in your way. They jump in front of you and take bullets, luckily there is no friendly fire!

Bulletstorm is all about showing off your skills and earning points for that. There are over 600 ways to kill the mutants that are shooting at you have fun skewering these mutants to the wall, use a sniper rifle and many more weapons! You also have a Final Echo leash that you can use to grab the enemies. Later on, you can also use it to slam the enemies to the ground!

All different kills are recorded by the drop kit machine. For unique kill shots, you will gain a load of points! Doing headshots will also net you extra skill points. All the weapons have special skills, these are called charges and can be bought with skill points.  You can carry up to four weapons at the same time.


I rate the gameplay of Bulletstorm with an 8.5.
BulletStorm  has quite unique gameplay, but there are some flaws like having a non-playable character following you around.
However, there are many fun ways to kill enemies.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are quite good, the most display is put in how the enemies can die. Throwing them off cliffs makes them scream. Shocking the mutants make them sizzle! Put a rocket into someone and launch him into the sky!


The soundtracks are fun and upbeat. They match the environment pretty well. The sound effects are amazing and enjoyable!


I rate the sound and graphics of BulletStorm  with a 9.0.
The sound and graphics are good in Bulletstorm! 

What did I think after playing Bulletstorm?

I always enjoy coming back to Bullet Storm  and killing some mutants!  I usually play on hard mode or the most difficult mode, otherwise the challenge is too easy for me.  I still need to find more ways to kill all these mutants. To be honest, the game is much better with Grayson Hunt than if you are playing with Duke Nukem. Even though I like Duke Nukem more, he does not belong in this game!

This game always exceed my expectations, but there are still many flaws that need to be fixed, for example the sniper rile usually has the target lost for no reason. The final boss fight is also extremely lame! The final boss fight is a quick time event. Then there are the non-playable characters who keep getting in the way.


I rate Bulletstorm with a 7.0 after playing.
I would love to see a sequel of Bulletstorm that fixes all these problems!

What are my personal thoughts about Bulletstorm?

Bulletstorm is a game that I come back to quite often, it is always fun to mutilate and kill  moremutants. The non-playable characters do keep getting in the way, another problem is how unrealistic it is how these characters keep surviving! However, the fun is real with a great deal of replay value!


My personal Rating of Bulletstorm is an 8.9!
The mechanics are a little broken, but the game is quite fun!

Last Words



If you like shooting at angry mutants and dismember them, this might be the perfect game for you!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of  Bulletstorm in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Simone Krijgsman

    I liked the Duke Nukem version better. Yes, he did not fit in Bulletstorm, but all the phrases are golden!

  2. Fun game and great review

  3. jett cameron

    the drill gun is awesome in this game. never get tired firing it at the heavies

    • supersven

      You have become a shis kebab!

  4. Good review! Definitely a fun game.

  5. Ray -

    I liked that super slide mechanic!

  6. I used to enjoy very much Duke Nukem 3d or Unreal Tournament (1999). But maybe this game is more like Painkiller? (which i never played)

    • supersven

      I would say it falls in quite a different sub-genre. They shoehorned Duke Nukem in this role even though he does not belong in this game.

  7. Roman

    Underrated game

    • supersven

      I completely agree with you! There is a lot of replay value in this game!

  8. 8.1* huh.. you're too generous sven haha! Goodwork as always!

    • supersven

      Well yeah, the graphics are quite amazing, and the gameplay is quite unique!
      Could have been a game with a perfect rating, but there are ways to many flaws!
      I hope there will be a Bulletstorm 2 with all these flaws fixed and a more decent story!

  9. Not my cup of tea in terms of games, but looks good. Still great review Sven as always ūüėČ

    • supersven

      I hope we review a game in the future that you do like and thank you!

  10. This game is really good, but not implement jumping in game is a little annoying for me.

    • supersven

      I agree with you, I love jumping around!


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