Duke Nukem 3D Duke Xtreme review

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Duke Nukem 3D Duke Xtreme review


Today we are going to look at an authorized Duke Nukem 3D expansion, this expansion is not talked about a lot, and it was extremely hard to complete the game. There is no version of this game that you can buy or simply run it on your computer. You will need to use a DOS BOX that emulates old computers. Sadly I do not have the knowledge to do this correctly, thus I do not have the new skins or enemies, but I did have access to all the maps! Let us play these 25 Xtreme single player maps to rate this expansion! There is no story for this expansion, thus we will not feature a story in this review.

What did I think before playing Duke Nukem Xtreme?

I had two choices for another expansion review. Nuclear Winter, which is easily accessible if you own the Megaton Edition of Duke Nukem 3D, or take the hard road and play an expansion that needs the DOS BOX. I thought I could get this expansion to work, but sadly I could not. The back-up solution was to import the maps into the Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition! So, that is what I did!  Before playing, I wanted more information, Thus went to the Fandom Page of Duke Xtreme!

The Fandom Page

There is a lot of information on this page and also what you get if you can get this expansion to work in a DOS BOX. I was the most interested off course in the new maps to see what this expansion holds! Without further ado, I booted up the Megaton Edition and started Duke Xtreme!


I rate Duke Xtreme with a 8.0 before playing.
I was very interested in the new features, but can play the maps, but I was still very interested in the new maps of this expansion!


For the gameplay, you can expect much of the same as in any other Duke Nukem expansion. You will shoot up aliens and kick them in the face. However, as the maps are imported in the Megaton Edition, you will start each map with only a simple pistol, thus you must collect new weapons in every level! Duke Nukem Xtreme really takes things to the Xtreme! Expect huge ambushes and weird maps. Floating sharks are not a weird thing to see!

The themes of the levels are extremely varied and range from garbage crushers to space stations. There are also temples to explore and a lot of portals, I might have to say, not every portal will teleport as some can kill you! There are also a lot of traps and huge ambushes. Some levels do not feature any key cards at all, but just a linear path that you need to follow.

Duke Nukem Xtreme also has modifiers that you can use to change the enemy stats, but this option is only available in the DOS BOX version. There are even more functions that you can use in the DOS BOX version. After some more research I learned that you need a special launcher which is not available anymore. Thus, these features are lost to time.


I rate the gameplay of Duke Xtreme with a 7.8.
The maps are fun to play, but the levels are oddly designed and there are some bugs. There are also some bugs that you will find that will blcok your progress.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are the same as in Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition, since this is an authorized Duke Nukem Expansion I had expected something new but this only prominent in the DOS BOX version. I like the sprites that they use in this expansion. It is the same old Duke Nukem graphics that we love and adore! Sadly, some maps are quite low quality.


The soundtracks and sound effects are perfectly normal, there are new sound effects, but I cannot play these in the Megaton Edition.


I rate the sound and Graphics of Duke Nukem Xtreme with a 6.0.
Sadly, the new enemies are lost to the special Duke Launcher for this expansion.

What did I think after playing Duke Nukem Xtreme?

Playing the maps separately adds a new level of challenge to the levels, which is quite fun! Some levels do no have enough ammunition or med kits. This means that you need to be careful of how much ammunition you use! Duke Nukem Xtreme likes to throw small rooms filled with huge enemies at you!

This expansion was more difficult than Duke Life is a Beach but finding the way in the levels is much easier than in for example Duke it out in D.C. However the map is still useful for when you need to find out where to go next!


I rate Duke Nukem Xtreme with an 8.0 after playing.
Even though this expansion is quite fun, there are other expansion which are a lot more fun and easier to access.

What are my personal thoughts about Duke Nukem Xtreme?

I had a lot of fun when playing this game, but I am more excited about the next Duke Nukem 3D expansion, I am going to review! Duke Nukem Forever 2013 that tries to capture the game experience of the 2001 trailer of Duke Nukem Forever!


My personal rating of Duke Nukem Xtreme is a 9.2.
Even though this game has some problems, I still enjoyed it quite a lot!

Last Words



If you like Duke Nukem and you want to see what other expansions hold, this is a fun expansion, but not the best one around!
*Edit: I found out that Duke Xtreme can only be run with a special launcher that does not exist any more for the modifiers, thus this is an outdated expansion from which you can only play the maps!  You cannot play this expansion on a DOS BOX like other expansion.

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Duke Nukem Xtreme in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Simone Krijgsman

    Every time this picture reminds me of the hulk. Are the hulk and duke related?!

    • supersven

      hahha, I bet duke Nukem would beat up the Hulk!

      • Last time i saw Hulk were playing great in Brazil 😉

  2. It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum. Hell yeah nice review!

    • supersven

      I am gonna rip you a new one! Thanks!!!

  3. Samet Yalçın

    Graphics and playing like Doom game.

    • supersven

      Did you know that the EDUKE engine was an upgrade from the Doom engine? This engine allowed for a lot more options!

  4. Nice review 👍

  5. Looks alright. I like the mods that do a lot of changes though!

    • supersven

      Yeah, it is a complete conversion!

  6. Javier del Ríos

    It´s the Duke, it can only be good.

    • supersven

      It is a great game, but I had hoped for better maps!

  7. krutarth

    Great review as always! 🙂

  8. A great retro style game

  9. sad that you couldn't play the full expansion experience, but at least you could play the maps 😀

    • supersven

      Yeah indeed, sadly the maps were of a bit lower quality but it was very fun!

  10. Not a fan of doom style games but this was a nice read

    • supersven

      What kind of games do you like?
      Thank you, I put a lot of effort in cooking up these reviews!

  11. Roman

    Creepy picture for me


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