Duke Nukem Forever 2013 Review

Fight alongside Spanky the Donkey and beat up the aliens!

Duke Nukem Forever 2013 Review


After having three Duke Nukem reviews, we have finally arrived at the last Duke Nukem review for now. Off course, we wanted the last Duke Nukem review to be a big one! Everyone that knows Duke Nukem has seen the trailer of the original Duke Nukem Forever in 2001. A game that would have been great as a stand-alone game or an expansion to Duke Nukem 3D. Sadly, this game was shoved in a little corner, never to be seen again and replaced with Duke Nukem Forever as we now know it. However, that is not where the story ends! A small team of Duke Nukem mappers used the source code of the original Duke Nukem Forever and footage based on the trailer to re-create Duke Nukem Forever. In this review, we are going to see if Duke Nukem Forever 2013 is as great as the trailer promised all the fans in 2001!

What did I think before Duke Nukem Forever 2013?

For the last review in the Duke Nukem themed weeks, we wanted to do something special! Not just a great expansion or one that was lost to time like Duke Nukem Xtreme. We wanted to go out with a blast! I scoured the internet for information on expansions, authorized or unauthorized.

Then we came across Duke Nukem Forever 2013! This was an amazing find, this Duke Nukem game made into a Duke Nukem 3D expansion has it all! New maps, New textures, New weapons, New enemies, and even a story! This almost sounded too good to be true! The developers even managed to create cut scenes! Above all that, it is even free to play, along with the DLC which is also free!

For more information, we went to the page that the developers have created to spread information about Duke Nukem forever 2013, this is also where you can download the game!

Duke Nukem Forever 2013 Page

There is a whole story on Duke Nukem Forever 2013 on this page, including download instructions, you will also need a Duke3D.GRP. If you do not have this file, feel free to download it from this link! https://github.com/zear/eduke32/blob/master/polymer/eduke32/duke3d.grp
Here are some additional .GRP files that you might need!
This is to play Duke it out in D.C
This is to play Life is a Beach
you will also need the EDUKE 32 engine, which you can find here:
To boot up Duke Xtreme you will need the map files which you can find here, however this game is harder to boot up!
You can find instructions on how to play the Duke Nukem expansion on this link:

Back to the Duke Nukem Forever 2013 page, this page shows a neat looking trailer along with the original trailer and how the developers tried to recreate it. There are also screenshots, are you ready for a donkey ride? Or rather, a mine cart ride? There is even a  motorcycle to ride on! The original story is five levels, but there is also a second story which plays out in the free to download DLC levels! As someone who wanted to the play the game from the 2001 trailer, I was super stoked to find out that someone made that and that it is free to play!!


I rate Duke Nukem Forever 2013 with a 10 before playing.
I have included all the links that you need to start playing this game, however, Duke Nukem Forever 2013 contains a separate EDUKE32 build optimized for the game! Did you know that you will also encounter Terminators in this game?


Duke Nukem is just hanging around when the aliens once again invade the earth! This time they brought new aliens to take over the earth and stop Duke Nukem! You will have to face parasite infested Earth Defense Force Soldiers, put them out of their misery! There are also Pig Ape Aliens and Terminators! The world needs a hero, Duke sets out to save the day!

The aliens are all heading towards the Hoover Dam,  it is Duke’s job to find out why all the aliens are gathering there and stop them from whatever they plan to do!


I rate the story of Duke Nukem Forever 2013 with a 10.
The story is great, there are also Non-playable characters that you can talk to, they are even voice acted! You will also find message logs and lore screens hidden in the game. If you also play the DLC, you will uncover a second story in Duke Nukem Forever 2013 that plays out after the original five levels.


Even though this game has been made as an expansion from the same build as Duke Nukem 3D, chances are you will barely recognize it with some new gameplay elements that have been added. Off course, Duke Nukem Forever 2013  is a first-person shooter with light puzzle elements. There are also secrets to find and the use of the map is advised!

Some new gameplay elements include riding on a motorcycle and a donkey. It is quite hard to get the hang of riding on the motorcycle, but is fun! There are also new enemies that require different tactics to take down! The Terminator deals heavy damage but is slow whereas the new pig ape is fast but deals less damage. 

There are also new elemental enemies that will either burn or freeze you, but these enemies are mid-bosses, thus you will not encounter them frequently. There is one new weapon called the Assault Rifle, which replaces the Chain gun cannon. The Expander and shotgun have a new skin.  All in all, this is the perfect Duke Nukem game to beat up some aliens! 


I rate the gameplay of Duke Nukem Forever with a 10.
Not only are there new skins and weapons, you will also face new enemies in high quality maps.  If that is not enough, there are also new gameplay elements that have been added! 

Sound and Graphics


The maps are of very high quality and are well thought out. Some maps are enormous, in these maps, you can ride a motorcycle! The new weapon and skins are very detailed. The new enemies actually look like they belong in Duke Nukem! Who knew the government were making Terminators to battle the aliens! Make sure to find some of those hidden message logs! There are also cut scenes to enjoy for setting up and closing the story. 


There are a lot of new soundtracks that have been added to accompany the sound effects that we love from Duke Nukem, 3D, unfortunately even the Octobrain. There are also new textures that have new sound effects, like the pin pad for doors. Talking non-playable characters and a lot more!


I rate the sound and graphics of Duke Nukem Forever 2013 with a 10.
It is mind-boggling to see what this team managed to accomplish in the EDUKE32 engine!

What did I think after playing Duke Nukem Forever 2013

I was vastly impressed at what this team managed to achieve, to me, it felt like I was actually playing the Duke Nukem Forever that 3D realms promised with the trailer back in 2001! I am extremely glad that I found this game and decided to review it! Furthermore, I understand that this is not an authorized expansion or a stand-alone game from the real deal, but it sure feels like it. Can somebody hire these people please to make the next Duke Nukem game? 

Maybe If this game was  released back in 2001, The Duke Nukem Franchise would not have fallen into the hole that he is now. The Duke Nukem that we got was not bad, but it did not feel like a real Duke Nukem game. Getting drunk after one beer? Duke should still be sober after ten beers! Or what about that lame two weapon rule? Let us hope a new Duke Nukem game will come soon that follows in the footsteps of this Duke Nukem Expansion! Did you know that the Embracer Group recently bought the rights to Duke Nukem? This probably means we can expect a new Duke Nukem game from them in the future!


I rate Duke Nukem Forever 2013 with a 10 after playing.
I have to admit that I was not expecting that this expansion would be this good, I was hoping though!

What are my personal thoughts about Duke Nukem Forever 2013?

Do you really need to ask me what my personal opinion is? Download the files that you need and start playing, what are you waiting for?


My personal Rating of Duke Nukem Forever 2013 is 10!
From all the Duke Nukem Games I have played though, I have enjoyed this one the most!

Last Words



Since this game is free to play, I have decided to give the game a perfect rating. Who does not love a great game that is also free! Duke Nukem is back to beat up some aliens!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Duke Nukem Forever 2013 in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Simone Krijgsman

    I think that this Duke Nukem game was my favorite to watch you play!

    • supersven

      You would also love playing this game!

  2. I would like to see more Duke Nukem games because we need more games more sequels for this wonderful franchise, games that are well made just like the current Doom 2016 and Eternal

    • supersven

      Let us hope that the Embracer Group that recently purchased the Duke Nukem Franchise makes a new game!

  3. Samet Yalçın

    this is legit

  4. Nice review 👍

  5. Love how much extra content you can get from old games due to mods!

    • supersven

      yeah, it is amazing! I hope more new games will get mods as well!

  6. Good review! In cons i've read it in Duke's voice Duke Nukem has no cons:))

  7. jett cameron

    "Duke Nukem Forever 2013 has no cons"

    damn right

  8. Informative review.

  9. logvip08

    good review with multi perpection

  10. Mark W.

    I'm old enough to have played Duke Nukem way back when it first came out. I think this is cool that the franchise is still going strong after all these years. Thanks for the cool review!

    • supersven

      Let us just hope a new game will come soon!
      I played a lot of Duke Nukem when I was young as well!

  11. It's a cool game, many fun parts

    • supersven

      Which part did you like the most!?

  12. mat woj

    My whole childhood passed by waiting for this game. Glad it was a solid 10 as you say rotfl. No regrets whatsoever...

    • supersven

      I am glad that you agree with the rating, I feel you on that childhood part! The same happened to me!

  13. Roman


  14. thanks to modders for real Duke Nukem games

    • supersven

      yeah, this way we can enjoy more Duke Nukem!


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