Maplestory Review

Maplestory will take your soul, can you get it back?

Maplestory Review


Today  we are going to review a new genre on Reviews by Superven, we are going to review an MMORPG game called Maplestory. This is a game that I have played on and off for many years. I started as a beta tester! Through the years the game has changed a lot, this game is all about grinding to level your character and finding better equipment! Throughout the years, the graphics have not changed much but new enemies and items have been added over time. There are a lot of new jobs which act as classes!  Choose a class that suits you and start beating up those enemies!

What did I think before playing Maplestory

It has been quite a long time since my wife and I played Maplestory, we stopped when the global and Europe servers merged. The account of my wife was wiped due to the merge, after having her level 201 character deleted, she decided to rage-quit. Now it is a couple of years later, we decided to review this MMORPG! We still had the mesos (in game currency) to make a new character on my old account! For more information, we decided to go to the main page, there are a lot of new classes that have been added or adjusted over the years!

The Maplestory Page
Maplestory has a lot of new updates and the website offers you all the change logs. There are also guides to find on how the game works and which jobs are available. There is even a story that can be found on the page along with forums to ask questions. If you dislike loot boxes because you do not know the rates, do not worry, as Maplestory gives you the exact chances of what you can win and how big that chance is. Maplestory is not pay to win, but mostly grind to win! If you want to level faster and easier, money is involved.


I rate Maplestory with a 7.0 before playing.
Even though I was excited to start playing Maplestory again, I feared one thing the most, the heavy addictive element that some MMORPGs contain.


For each of the jobs there is a base story that you can follow, most of them lead up to fighting the black mage that wants to take over not only the Maple world but also the other worlds. It seems in recent updates there is also a new bigger enemy that you have to face, the story is ever evolving. These bosses are usually defeated with a huge party and once per week.


I rate the story of Maplestory with a 5.0
Maplestory has a very basic MMORPG story, whereas in the beginning it seemed like a good story, over the years it has expanded into a huge confusing mess. Maplestory is made for the gameplay and not for the story.


The gameplay can change depending on the job that you pick, did you choose a warrior? You will be in the middle of the fray, whacking those 2D enemies! If you have chosen a thief that throws stars, you might find yourself farther away from enemies. There are also mages that fight in close combat and everything in between! Leveling up is the most important thing in Maplestory as you will gain new skills with each level up.

After every level up you will also gain status points that you can add to your stats that your job needs the most, auto assign is a very handy option for this! Later on you will also have hyper stats, inner abilities and much more! Simply leveling up will not make you strong enough to beat up monsters, though, you will also need good equipment that will boost your damage per second. If you take too long to kill an enemy, you might need to seek some lower leveled enemies, but you will get less experience points

Enemies will drop a lot of valuable loot and mesos which is the currency in Maplestory. Picking it up takes to long and is old-school! You are in need of a pet, which you can buy at this moment for 15 million mesos! Whereas this was a huge sum of Mesos back in the day, now it amounts to nothing. This is a small amount of pocket change now. To level up, you will find yourself grinding, a.k.a. beating up enemies for hours!

There are also quests that you can complete which will give you experience points and rewards. If you are playing with someone else, you might also enjoy a party quest! If you have gathered enough mesos you can visit the auction house to search for the item that you need! Leveling to 200 is practically only the beginning in Maplestory, that is when the real grind starts! The max level cap is at this moment 300! There are also  a lot of events that will help you level up multiple characters since you can get link skills from other characters. The link skills will improve if the character is higher level.

So far, you might think that this sound like a pretty fun game, it is, but this game will suck up your time and soul. There are many dailies that you need to complete, daily gifts to collect. You can spend hours doing the daily quests, and not doing so can have dire consequences! You will find yourself returning to Maplestory all the time to complete the dailies, grind some more, and then play some current events! After level 200. There are new daily missions added almost every five level ups! There is a lot more to Maplestory, but I will let you figure out the rest for yourself!


I rate the gameplay of Maplestory with a 7.0
Why not a higher rating when this is a pretty good game? As mentioned before, Because this game will suck up your soul, getting it back means you need to stop cold turkey! Maplestory will interfere with your daily life way too much! There is not a simple pause button, taking a break for a few days is impossible because it will have dire consequences for your characters.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics in Maple are quite good and have aged well. The new jobs that get added over time also have flashy new skills. However, seeing what is going in the map can be hard sometimes when you have many skills going on. There are a lot of different maps to explore and enemies to beat up. You might need a strong computer to prevent lag spikes when playing together.


There are many soundtracks and sound effects in Maplestory. For some classes,- there is even voice acting and videos! There are also quite a few fun soundtracks in the cities where you can stand safely without getting attacked., unless someone opens a monster bag!


I rate the sound and graphics of Maplestory with an 8.
There is nothing wrong with the 2D graphics of Maplestory or soundtracks!

What did I think after playing Maplestory?

Even though my wife and I had a great time when re-playing Maplestory, it quickly dawned upon us. We stayed up longer to finish the daily quests, we grinded a little more. Maplestory was winning with a heavy addictive element. Thus, we decided to stop cold turkey. Even though this is a great MMORPG, I advise you to stay away if you value your nights of sleeping. If you easily get addicted to gambling with loot boxes, you should really stay away from this MMORPG.

This game has many things that you can buy with real cash, there is also the heavy addiction of Maplestory, the fact that you need to keep up with the dailies, but the game is very fun! 


I rate Maplestory with a 3.0 after playing.
This game messes with your life too much, hence the low rating. Either your wallet is going empty, or you will have no sleep. All in all it is just not worth it, no matter how fun this game is! 

What are my personal thoughts about Maplestory?

There is a reason we always come back to this game, it is a lot of fun to play with a large and friendly community, but this time I hope to never return to Maplestory. I want this game to be over with for the rest of my life. I rather play games that do not have gambling loot boxes, or heavy addicting elements! Furthermore, I want a game where I can just set up a camp and leave or pause the game! Not many daily quests, grinding is good, I love grinding but not at the cost of my night’s rest! A game that you can leave on the shelf a couple of days and then come back without consequences for your in game character.


My personal Rating of Maplestory is a 1!
This game has already stolen enough of my soul and nights of sleeping, Au Revoir, you won’t be seeing me anymore Maplestory!

Last Words



It is up to you if you are going to play Maplestory, chances are that you will love it, but can you stop before Maplestory has you playing in the middle of the night? Will your wallet lose a lot of cash? It is all up to you in Soul Sucker Story!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Maplestory in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. another fine review. thank you

    • Thanks!

  2. Pointless clicker

    • Yeah, it takes too much time

  3. This game seems like too much honestly!

    • It can be for manmy people

  4. its like web games.

    • It does have a mobile version!

  5. Looks cute

  6. "will eat your soul"... lol

    • hahah, I am not kidding!

  7. It looks like fun.

    • It is a very addictive game!

  8. I'm sure it is addictive, but also stroke inducing with all that's happeing on screen. I'm not sure about it.

    • If ti induces a stroke, there might be a problem lol!

  9. This is exactly the kind of game where you quit over and over again, but somehow you always end up playing it 🙂

    • yeah, I know the feeling lol

  10. as I said in the other review, I wouldn't play it, but glad you have fun playing it 😀

    • it is to much fun, so much fun that it eats your soul!

  11. this looks like inside my head :)) thanks for the review

    • Your head sounds hectic, and you are welcome!

  12. I spent many years playing Maple Story so I understand your feelings,
    Had tons of fun, but what a massive time sink.

    • I am glad to hear that you share my view!

  13. Good review, I like farming but not at that level, so I'm going to follow your suggestion and stay away from the game :p
    One question, why do you say it's not pay2win if you say you can pay to level up faster?

    • They removed many of the pay2win features, however a lot of people do not have the patience to grind up enough reward and maple points which remove the pay2win features.
      Since a lot of those people do not have the patience to grind, they buy stuff and make Maple pay2win. The model is based on people that want to skip a few steps!


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