Maneater Review

Become the queen of Port Clovis and become the apex predator

Maneater Review


Today we are going to review a much anticipated review after a long series of videos on our YouTube channel! This of course comes with the last video for that review, get ready for Maneater, in this review we will be covering the base game only, the DLC will be covered in another review. In this game you play as the shark in the first successful Shark RPG, this is a whole new genre, although it has been attempted earlier, this is the first successful game in this genre! The earlier attempt is from Jaws Unleashed, To find out  the details we will someday review that game!

What did I think before playing Maneater?

My wife and I pre-ordered this game for the Nintendo Switch, it was a long wait, but we did not regret that decision! We were very interested in playing this game, we both like sharks, and this game would actually let you eat people. We were very interested how a shark protagonist would work in an open world game with RPG elements! Not only that, but we needed more information of course, so we decided to go to the Nintendo Page for more information!

The Nintendo Page
There is not much information on the Nintendo Page, but it is good enough to get you stoked if you like sharks and open world games! Maybe you are curious about this new genre, the Shark RPG! You will need to explore Port Clovis as you try to survive in the cruel waters where you need to learn your place, or evolve and grow strong enough to eat everyone and everything!


I rate Maneater with a 10 before playing.
This is a great game to get stoked about, if this is an upgraded version of Jaws Unleashed, I am in!


The story starts with scaley Pete, a shark Hunter who is hunting a Megalodon that killed his father long ago. In his wake, he keeps killing every shark that he meets. That is he until he meets a certain Bull Shark, this shark seems to have a little pup, that when born eats the hand of scaley Pete.  This is your story, who will win? scaley Pete or you?


I rate the story of Maneater with a 10.
This is if you like documentaries, as this story is narrated as a documentary, if you dislike documentaries, it will most likely mean that it is harder to appreciate the story. The documentary is amazingly done for a game, though!


The gameplay in Maneater has been called repetitive and boring, but I have to disagree gameplay wise. If you feel this game is repetitive, it might be because this game is a collect-a-thon like a Hat in Time or other platform games. There are also elements that has you explore certain areas in an open world style, you can quickly traverse the whole map. Some parts of the maps have stronger enemies like Orcas and Sperm Whales!

Your goal is to collect collectables to gain experience, eat other fishes to grow. As you collect more items, you will gain new evolutions! These come in the form of three major skill trees, which skill tree will you choose? Every upgrade has a different power, poison, lighting or high defense! You will slowly evolve from a pup to a Megalodon!

In every map you will need to complete missions to progress the story and follow the documentary, there is a funny narrator who presents the show, this is done quite masterly! There are also bounty hunters that will hunt you if you eat too many humans or destroy boats. You can either kill all ten bounty hunter boats when you are a Megalodon or slowly keep chipping away at the bounty hunter bosses to avoid repetitive behavior in the game.  

There is a lot more to man eater in the missions, there are mission to eat people, destroy certain targets and a lot more!  This is just like in any other open world games, but in Maneater it might seem a bit more obvious that the missions repeat which is not a bad thing.


I rate the gameplay of Maneater with a 10.
This is what Jaws Unleashed should have been, but the gaming technology was not there yet.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics of Maneater look good, there are some graphical FPS drops that limit the gameplay. The graphics do sometimes clip which is annoying, the camera can be hard to learn but when you get the hang of it, it is pretty good!  All the areas have different landmarks which you can also collect. All the landmarks have funny comments from the narrator!


There are many soundtracks and sound effects, but what is the best sound related thing in this game is the narrator. If you like narrators, this game is perfect with an amazing narrator! Chris Parnell is the narrator that you hear from Rick and Morty. The narrator is kind of crazy though with weird comments, who knows when he might snap and have a psychotic break!


I rate the sound and graphics of Maneater with a 10.
Even though I really want this game to be perfect,  I can only say this for the Nintendo Switch. The FPS drops are not present in the Nintendo Switch. Thus, for the Nintendo Switch this game is perfect, while the FPS drops are extremely noticeable in the PS4 version.

What did I think after playing Maneater?

My wife and I have played this game a few times on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 for the review and making the videos on YouTube. We both enjoyed the game each and every time, and somehow all the mechanics in this game click together. There is a slight personal opinion that I would like the level cap  to be higher. The DLC does raise the level cap, but not enough. 

There are many enemies in Maneater that you need to fight, I like the variety a lot. There are also a lot of different wildlife that will not try to kill you, like Grouper fish. These can be eaten to restore your health.


I rate Maneater with a 10 after playing.
There is a lot to do in Maneater, the normal play time for a full run with 100% completion takes about 12 hours.

What are my personal thoughts about Maneater?

I had a lot of fun when playing Maneater as did my wife. We both agreed that despite clearing the game five times, it does not feel repetitive. We also agreed that the PS4 would not deserve a perfect rating, but the Nintendo Switch version does, as the Switch version does not have FPS drops. Both versions have had a crash, but the PS4 version has many more crashes.


My personal rating of Maneater is a 10.
We had a lot of fun when playing this game, we even played it multiple times!

Last Words



The gameplay in this game is solid, if you are interested in an open world game where you can be the shark, this is the perfect game that you are looking for! Immerse yourself in the underwater world!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Maneater in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. krutarth

    Gotta give it to the devs for such a good game!

    • supersven

      yeah, they did an amazing job!

  2. Roman

    Very high rating

    • supersven

      Even though there are some flaws, this is a game in a new genre that was unsuccessful until this attempt, hence the high rating! A unique game!

  3. Vaclav Slavetinsky

    Fully deserved final rating. Thank you very much for another awesome review!

  4. Great game!

    anyone remembers Ecco the Dolphin game hehe?

    • supersven

      Thanks for the tip, going to check that out for a review!

  5. Ray -

    That overworld map makes the game look massive, surpised a shark can go to so many places!

    • supersven

      I hope more places will be added with a new DLC or a new game!

  6. Simone Krijgsman

    Yaws is here, here is yaws. Yaws is the best shark anyone has seen!


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