Maneater Truth Quest review

I want to believe!

Maneater Truth Quest review


After the previous review of Maneater, we decided there is still something else we need to review. The DLC called the Truth Quest, thus In this DLC the narrator will take you on a quest for the truth. Is this DLC worth the price tag, and how much will be added in this DLC? The narrator returns as well with a new story, but something in me says that the narrator may have snapped. Why you ask? Let us continue with the review to find out, it is time for the truth quest!

What did I think before playing Maneater the Truth Quest?

We immediately had a problem as this DLC is not available on the Nintendo Switch on which we played the base game of Maneater, thus we had to buy Maneater again for our PS4 along with the DLC. To get the game ready for the DLC review, I made a speed run of the base game Maneater! As for the DLC itself, my wife and I are big fans of the X-files and other series with (government) conspiracies thus we were very interested in how this DLC would play out, time for the PS4 Truth Quest Page!

The PS4 Page
The first thing that jumps up is that there will be a full new area called Plover Island. It is always  fun to explore new areas in a DLC. It seems there will also be a government conspiracy to unfold, along with new apex predators to fight. My wife and I were very excited to play this DLC!


I rate Maneater the Truth Quest with an 8.5 before playing.
The DLC looks promising, but not as good as the main game!


The story takes place after the cliffhanger of the main game, the narrator who made Maneater was banned since there were actual deaths in his documentary! He now has a full-blown psychotic break and decides to follow the Bull Shark once again in the hopes that she will help him stop the insectoids from taking over the world by releasing a virus. After the virus has been spread, they come up with a vaccine, but only if everyone submits to the insectoid overlord! This reminds me of recent events…


I rate the story of Maneater the Truth Quest with a 10.
This story was seriously weird, I had no idea what was going on with the narrator, but a lot of conspiracies come by, including the fake moon landing otherwise we would see the insectoid bases. I am not kidding! There are many times you will be like, did he really just say that!?


The gameplay is quite the same as you experience in the base game, but certain new elements have been added to enhance your experience in the Truth Quest. For starters, there is in increase in the level cap, which lets your bull shark grow even bigger! There are also new apex predators to challenge who use the same power as you! Who knows what they have been doing on Site P!

There is also a new evolution skill tree, which is frankly amazing and extremely overpowered. You can now become a full-blown radioactive super shark that can shoot laser beams, this skill will come in handy when you need to fight the new bounty hunters whom are  from professional military grade, Thus they have helicopters and huge battleships!

There are also new missions to complete, a whole new mission that is hell-bent on frustrating you are the time missions! Yes, you read that correct, time missions in which you need to swim through circles extremely fast! Every ring gives you a few extra seconds to complete the mission! There are now also beacons that you need to destroy by tail whipping things, these things mostly consist of whatever is up for grabs, against the beacon, or just shoot a couple of laser beams!

Plover Island also has new landmarks, loot boxes and license plates to collect, for which we made a video. However, there is also a new collectible, well person. You now also need to find truth questers to eat, alas they have tin foil hats, thus your sonar won’t work on them! The battle missions also make a return with stronger and new enemies!


I rate the gameplay of Man Eater the Truth Quest with a 10.
The DLC is fairly cheap in comparison with other DLC. However, there is a lot of new stuff to do but if you are a fast gamer like us, it will last you about three hours.

Sound and Graphics


This is where some problems come in, as the original Maneater had a few graphical issues which we could overlook due to how amazing the game is, the DLC has a lot more issues! There are more graphic clippings, sometimes your shark is suddenly naked, and fonts that keep shrinking and growing. Thus, there still needs to be a few updates to fix these problems, otherwise the new graphics assets are amazing!


The narrator is back, but this time he is  even crazier than before, with weird comments and conspiracies all over the place! Does he really believe the insectoids are going to overthrow us? 


I rate the sound and graphics of Maneater the Truth Quest with an 8.0.
There are still some graphical issues to solve, but otherwise the graphics and sound are great!

What did I think after playing Maneater the Truth Quest?

The first time exploring the new island is very fun, and the new narrator talk is also great. However, after one play-through, the fun ends as I now know where everything is to the dot. The DLC is also shorter than we had expected and there is no new small wildlife, which was a bummer. We had hoped for more landmarks and other collectibles as well!

This DLC is certainly worth your money, but the DLC is shorter than you might think. It also has an ending that might propose that a Maneater 2 will be coming in the future! Or additional DLC I wonder how they are going to pickup where this DLC ends, maybe the insectoids are real? Have you checked if your neighbor is an insectoid in human skin?


I rate Maneater the Truth Quest with a 7.8.
I had hoped for more content in this DLC, but I certainly enjoyed it a lot!

What are my personal thoughts about Maneater the Truth Quest?

I had a great time with this DLC as did my wife, we loved all the new comments from the narrator as well as the new missions and apex predators! If you loved Maneater, you should buy this DLC!


My personal Rating of Maneater the Truth Quest is a 9.0
The graphical issues are extremely annoying in the races!

Last Words



There are some shortcomings in this DLC, but we still had a great time, if you liked Maneater, you will love this DLC!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Maneater the Truth Quest in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Good content on that DLC

  2. Seems like a fun game.

    • supersven

      It is indeed a fun game!

  3. Roman

    >My personal Rating of Maneater the Truth Quest is a 9.0
    >Final Rating 8.9

    • supersven

      I think personally the game is better but from a point of observing the mechanics in the game, the game does not qualify to meet my personal feelings of the game.

  4. Xfiles vibe

  5. Some people mention a lot of bugs

    • supersven

      yeah, there are quite some bugs but most of them are graphical glitches!

  6. Looks like a great addition to the game.

    • supersven

      I think it is, I wonder where the game is going next!

  7. wasn't sure about this game, maybe i should take a closer look.

    • supersven

      If you enjoy GTA, then you will most likely enjoy this game as well, instead of stealing cars... you will be eating humans though!

  8. thanks for the review!

  9. Good review. The DLC looks interesting, especially the story, although I find it a bit expensive considering the short duration it has.

    • supersven

      I don't think that the purpose is to clear it this fast, I assume normal play time is around 4 to 5 hours.


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