Bouncy Bullets Review

Time to spin your enemy around!

Bouncy Bullets Review


Today we are going to look at a small indie game that seems like quite some fun! Bouncy Bullets, in this game, you will need to bounce and shoot your way through multiple levels. There are also enemies that will try to stop you on your way to the portal, but do not forget about the many booby traps that will await you! There is no story in this game, thus there is no story section in this review!

What did I think before playing Bouncy Bullets?

We obtained the key for Bouncy Bullets from Woovit in exchange for a video on YouTube. The trailer looked quite exciting. We thought we were going to explore a crazy, fun world. My wife and I both thought there would be a hub and a few worlds to explore. The enemies looked weird and fun, as we both like first-person shooters, we decided to give this game a try, but we needed a little more information, thus we went to the official page.

The Bouncy Bullet page
We did not see anything of what we saw in the trailer about exploring worlds, instead we learned that there are multiple levels in which you need to rush to the end. With mixed feelings, we started to download the game. The trailer and information contradict each other, which stirred up an uneasy feeling for me.


I rate Bouncy Bullets with a 4.0 before playing.
Even though I was very interested in playing this game, my gut told me something was wrong. I always trust my instinct, but nonetheless, I booted up the game with my wife. Soon my gut feeling would be confirmed!


Instead of getting a tutorial or a video when booting up Bouncy Bullets, you will be met with a menu to select a level, as I feared. There is no open world or even a hub to select levels from, but just a menu. There are two modes, normal and special. In normal mode, there are barely enemies, whereas special mode is filled with enemies that keep you from completing the levels quickly.

Whatever mode you will choose to play, you will be forced to complete the level as fast as possible, however the controls are quite janky. Turning goes very slowly and will often fling your character in the wrong way, thus the key to winning is jumping blind. There are different enemies that you need to kill, depending on their color, you will need to shoot the right colored bullet to kill them.

The further that you get in the game, the more difficult the traps will become. One single hit is enough to kill you, if you hit a gray colored enemy, you will also be sent back to the beginning of the level. Since there is no guide yet for the special levels, I have taken the liberty to create a video! Most of the levels look the same and use the same textures. Since I wanted to keep my sanity, I did not pursue the three stars that you can gain for the fastest time in each level.


I rate the gameplay of bouncy Bullets with a 2.0.
The controls are janky, the trailer is misleading, there is no story, all the levels feel as if you are repeating the same level. This was no fun game whatsoever as most of the mechanics are broken! The enemies cannot even stand up normally as they  keep falling over!

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are very basic, and most of the enemies look a lot like each other. The enemies also fall over frequently and spin around. The background is almost the same in each level with no change at all.  The special levels are the same as the normal levels, only more enemies and booby traps have been added instead of making some slight changes to up the difficulty! 


The soundtracks feel very jumbled and disturbing. There are only three soundtracks and a few sound effects that are on repeat. This will get annoying after some time!


I rate the sound and graphics of Bouncy Bullets with a 1.0.
The graphics are just horribly bland and boring, the same goes for the soundtrack and sound effects! The background is recycled in each level!

What did I think after playing Bouncy Bullets?

It took only a few levels before my wife said, I am not playing this game anymore, you do it. Thus, I started practicing for the special levels to learn more about this game for the review and to create the video. My wife handled the recording for each level while I did the jumping. This involved a lot of practice, but I did not enjoy a single moment of it.

If you are looking for a game to test your patience and challenge yourself with difficult controls, this is the perfect game for you! If you are not masochistic it might be better for you to look for a different first-person shooter, however if you do decide to play this game, the video will help you understand what to do and how to complete the special levels!


I rate Bouncy Bullets with a 3.0 after playing.
This game has broken controls, enemies that fall over, bad sound and graphics, no hub, no story, the trailer is very misleading. If you value your time, it would recommend you to look for a different game!

What are my personal thoughts about Bouncy Bullets?

I have simply one word which I can use to describe my experience with Bouncy Bullets, horrible!


My personal rating for Bouncy Bullets is a 1.0.
Both my wife and I disliked this game very much!

Last Words



Even though we are glad that we tried out this game and gave it a fair chance, my gut instinct was right, and this game became a horrible experience. If you are looking for a broken game, you are in the right place!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Bouncy Bullets in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Simone Krijgsman

    Delete this game from our account please.

  2. Roman

  3. me gusuri

    garishly colored

  4. Vaclav Slavetinsky

    Seriously it seems more frustrating than anything else.

    • supersven

      I am glad you were not around for the recording, I may have gotten a headache from playing this game! Also, this game frustrates me a lot lol!

  5. Quean Potot

    Thank God you have reviewed the game so badly! I LOVE IT! They should not have made this game in the first place.

    • supersven

      This game either needs to be remade into something better or just scrapped!

  6. i hate hard controlling games.

  7. thank you for the review!


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