Craftopia – Creative mode review

Time to destroy some villages with overpowered tanks!

Craftopia – Creative mode review


Today we will be reviewing a different mode of Craftopia, this is a new mode that has been added in a recent update. We will be going into detail what makes creative mode different compared with the regular game mode. The main difference is that you need a different character and also need to create a new world. The normal mode of Craftopia is not compatible with creative mode. The sound and graphics are the same, thus the same information will be in the sound and graphics section.

What did I think before playing Craftopia Creative mode?

Before my wife and I started creative mode, we finished the main mode of Craftopia, that is, all the content that is currently available. Creative mode is to test out building bases or making automations before going to the normal game mode and recreating what you did in creative mode. There are two different types in Creative mode, which I will explain in the gameplay section of this review.

There is no information page yet as the update has only recently been released. Are you ready to go in blind?


I rate Craftopia creative mode with a 7.0
The idea of creative mode is very good and lets people test out different automations before allocating resources in normal mode.


Before playing creative mode, you can choose between two modes. First, you have free build mode. This mode allows you to go insane with any ideas that you have in mind. You can even spawn any item that you like, you can also spawn slates! Whatever you build in creative mode can be played in with play mode. In both modes you will not need materials to craft anything!

In free build mode, you can spawn items next to crafting them in work stations like normally. However, in play mode you will need to craft them. If you do not want to advance ages you can change the settings, missions have been disabled, but you get a new user interface. In this interface you can change any setting that you like, change your skill points or even your max health!

One of the best options in this new user interface is that you can change the age that you are in with only a few clicks! If you are in play mode, and you want to progress naturally, this is possible. If you want to go full blow automation immediately, this is also possible! Normally crafting a tank is almost impossible unless you have been farming for materials a lot, in creative mode you can craft a tank and go wild!


I rate the gameplay of Craftopia creative mode with a 6.5
Even though creative mode has great applications like testing automation systems, it does need more updates for better use in the future.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics in Craftopia are quite reminiscent of other games like Breath of the Wild, which is also why this game got bad ratings. However, this game is nothing like Breath of the Wild, there are indeed shrine like puzzles, and breakable weapons. There are still a lot of things that need to be fixed or added, but the developers wanted to mix multiple games and genres, and they succeeded. Also, Breath of the Wild is not the first game to use shrines and dungeons, technically everything was already done once and coming up with something new is impossible!


Craftopia has a lot of sound effects and different soundtracks. There are a few issues like cows mooing at the same time.  The dungeons might need some new soundtracks but for an early access game, the developers did a great job!


I rate the sound and graphics of Craftopia with a 7.8.
There are still a lot of things that need to be added in Craftopia, but the developers are working hard!

What did I think after playing Craftopia Creative mode?

My wife and I had less fun in creative mode compared with the normal mode in Craftopia. In the end, we played in creative mode for only a day before making this review. We can build bases in survival games and make them practical, also make automations, but being creative in making insane bases is not our thing.

If you enjoy creative modes in other games like Raft, this is perfect for you! To have a creative mode in an early access game is great. Getting feedback while in early access, this mode can be very fun in the future!


I rate Craftopia creative mode after playing with a 7.0
I am not into creative mode, but we still had fun messing around!

What are my personal thoughts about Craftopia creative mode?

We still had fun messing around, but we had more fun in the main game! This is a great addition to Craftopia in early access.


My personal Rating of Craftopia creative mode is a 5.8.
I am not a creative person, but I still had fun in this mode!

Last Words



If you want to go bonkers with items in Craftopia or spawn an infinite amount of tanks, this mode is awesome for you! Time to have fun without having to grind materials!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Craftopia in creative mode in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. "Creative mode needs a page for information" cuz of that i don't prefer to play like this mode.

    • Yeah, some people need more info to get starting!

  2. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. The game is still in early access mode and I'm sure it will have a higher rating in the future.

    • Yeah, I agree!

  3. It looks like a good place to test various things.

    • It indeed is!

  4. Welcome to the world full of oportunities.

    • And this is only early access!

  5. You need to be creative? That rules me out...

    • Hahaha, you are not the only one lol.

  6. Seems like fun for maybe 30 minutes, honestly.

    • It all depends on your taste in games honestly, it is indeed a niche taste but for creative people this is awesome! Not me, I am not creative, I like blowing things up though!

  7. thanks for the Craftopia review!

    • You are welcome!


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