I am Fish requested review

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I am Fish requested review


Today we will be reviewing a game that has only been released a month ago, I am Fish! This is a sequel to the game I am Bread from the same studio. What is your goal in this game? Well, you are a fish on land, in a fishbowl. You will need to escape to the ocean and reunite with your friends!  There is a small story accompanied by it, and the four fish that you need to control have different powers!

What did I think before playing I am Fish

I was very interested in this game because it looked fun. This game was also requested by Don Carlos and Redsnow by chance! This game was also on game pass along with a few other games that I am going to review! I was very interested in what this game had to offer, especially what abilities the fish would have. For more information I checked the Steam page as these pages usually have more information!

The Steam Page

The Steam page lets you know this is a 3D platformer and mostly physics based, it is your goal to guide the fish through levels that are very hard to complete. Every fish has different abilities and will also face different challenges.  Can you guide the fish to the safety of the ocean?


I rate I am Fish with a 7.5 before playing.
This game shows a lot of promise, and I am very interested on what the story would hold!


The story starts with the bakery giving away bread that gives intelligence to any being that feeds on it. One of the breads ends up in the pet store. The fish eat the bread but get separated from each other when they are purchased by random people. Since the fish have gained intelligence from eating the bread, they decide to head for the ocean.


I rate the story of I am Fish with a 7.0.
The story is fun but not perfect, it gives a good reason why the fish go to the ocean to escape and why they have the ability to do so.


Your story starts with the goldfish trying to escape to the ocean after being bought, all this goldfish wants is to be with his friends.  You will need to roll your fishbowl and fall off counters without breaking your bowl. You will also get stuck in buckets and other items that can hold water. Sometimes you are in a free body of water, but there might even be plastic that traps and kills you.

When you have completed three levels with the goldfish, you can select any  of the other three fishes. The puffer fish, the flying fish and the piranha. All of them have different abilities and levels. In all off the levels there are five pieces of bread to collect, if you collect enough pieces of bread, you can unlock the bonus level, I hate this bonus level.

There is not much else to I am fish except for guiding your fish to the end, however the controls can be very hard to master. It took me a lot of grinding and practice to get the controls under control. After grinding to understand the controls, I still have problems with getting five-star ratings, which you also need to unlock the dreadful bonus level!


I rate the gameplay of I am Fish with a 7.2.
The controls are extremely hard to control, but it does work. Eventually. The bonus level is dreadful and impossible to complete.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are cute and there are a lot of environmental differences in each level, also depending on what fish that you control. The seagulls are evil though and will break your bowl of water to try and eat you! There is even a club where people are dancing, good luck guiding your puffer fish through that mess!


The soundtracks of I am Fish are fun along with a lot of different sound effects. The breaking of glass still hurts me as my fishy falls to the ground.


I rate the sound and graphics of I am Fish with an 8.0
I still find that the glass breaking sound chills me to the bone!

What did I think after playing I am Fish?

Even though the normal levels are great and fun, with a lot of collectables to track down, the bonus level that you unlock with the collectables is horrible. Even though in the bonus level, you need to control all the four fishes in the game. The bonus level was so horrible that I rage-quit as I felt betrayed by the game, this was my reward for collecting the collectables?

The controls are annoying and hard to control. You will need to practice hard to get it under control. The mechanics for the flying fish are not fun at all, have fun crashing down a lot!


I rate I am Fish with a 6.5 after playing.
The collectibles are fun to collect, but the bonus level is dreadful.

What are my personal thoughts about I am Fish?

The normal levels are great, but the controls are bad, along with some mechanics. The bonus level is also annoying!


My personal Rating of I am Fish is a 6.8
I had a fun time with I am Fish, but I was glad that I did not have to complete the bonus level!

Last Words



If you are interested in 3D platformers and physic based games. I am Fish could be a great game for you! The controls are hard to master, though!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of I am Fish in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. The controls are extremely hard to control! really?

    • Yeah!

  2. It seems quite difficult to collect collectibles

    • Yeah it is!

  3. Thought this was a mobile game lol

    • haha!

  4. Thanks for the awesome review, Sven! Sad to hear that control scheme is a little irritating.

    • You are welcome! Little irritating? That is an understatement!

  5. Looks fun and different from other games

    • Are you thinking about playing it?

  6. Hard controlls - hard pass.

    • My wife said the same, she tried the game and due to the controls she was like NOPE!

  7. for me also, hard control = irritation = pass. nonetheless, thanks for another great review!

    • You are welcome! I am glad to inform you of these problems before you buy the game!

  8. Hello new here thanks for the great reviews, I know this game wasn't designed this way but would have loved this type of game to be co-op but am saying that as a massive co-op fan.

    • Welcome to the site! I hope you will enjoy other reviews as well! I am a huge fan of co-op as well, love to play games together with my wife!


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