Milo’s Quest Review

Any doggo that is out there, do not try to eat green bones!

Milo’s Quest Review


Today we are going on a journey with Milo the dog. This small indie game has you follow his adventures to stop king old skull, whom he has accidentally awoken. King old skull is hell-bent on taking over the world with his ghost armies, and Milo is the only one who can stop him! This is a small indie game, but we still think this short indie game deserves a review!

What did I think before playing Milo's Quest?

My wife and I were once again browsing around for a game that would be cool to review or create a video off. We landed on Milo’s Quest on the website Woovit. We got the key, but we did not have a lot of information yet except that this is an action adventure game with puzzle elements, this game also has some genre elements that resemble Legend of Zelda. For more information, we went to the Nintendo Page!

The nintendo Page
I saw immediately that this is indeed a small indie game, but I was still intrigued, there should be multiple difficulty levels, and you can even choose if you rather want to focus on adventuring or puzzling! For a small indie game, this was looking good! Without further ado, we booted up the game!


I rate Milo’s Quest with a 7.0 before playing.
This game looks quite attractive if you are looking for one of the smaller indie games. From the many indie games that we were browsing, this game jumped out!


The story starts with Milo walking around the park when he notices a weird green bone. Without thinking about why the bone is green, Milo picks up the bone but accidentally unleashes King Old Skull. When King Old Skull calls Milo a silly doggo, Milo decides to put King Old Skull in his place and stop his ghost armies!


I rate the story of Milo’s Quest with a 6.5.
The story is quite simple, but it did make me laugh, it is enough incentive to play the game and get rid of that nasty King Old Skull!


The game starts with you having no means of attack, you will need to find tools to gain new abilities. You will very quickly gain your first ability which you are going to need a lot in the game, the ability to push around blocks. This ability is needed to solve a lot of puzzles. When you go to the status screen, you can see how much puzzles are left. You will also need to find chests, these can also be tracked in the status screen!

You will also notice that you will find bones while walking through the grass, these are the currency in Milo’s Quest. While on your quest you will find gates that are closed until you pay enough bones, be careful though when you die, you will lose 50% of your bones! You will also notice that you only have two health points when you start your adventure, along with two stamina points.

When solving certain puzzles or opening gates with currency, you will find more stamina and health points. After finding the helmet that lets you dash, you can take out the ghosts that wander around the park. It is wise to kill them, as sometimes that will reveal a secret or open a gate.

When you are confident that you are strong enough, you can open the first boss gate. You will need to look carefully for openings that the boss leaves, if you are on hardcore mode you might want to be extra careful! I have completed a hardcore mode with 102%, I have recorded the whole game as you can see in the video below!


I rate the gameplay of Milo’s Quest with a 7.5.
Even though the game is very short, the gameplay is fun, and it seems the developers choose the right assets for a cute game!

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are reminiscent of the old school games like Legend of Zelda, but with the technology of now. There are a few clipping issues. The developers did a great job on the intro and outro of the game!


The soundtracks are in retro style and I loved listening to them while solving the puzzles that Milo’s Quest has to offer!


I rate the sound and graphics of Milo’s Quest with a 7.0
For a small indie game, Milo’s Quest has neat graphics with fun retro music!

What did I think after playing Milo's Quest?

Both my wife and I had a great time when playing this small indie game. It is quite hard to get the hang of attacking since you dash into enemies instead of slashing a sword. The puzzles are fairly simple and most of them have multiple solutions. The boss battles are fun and feel rewarding for when you take them down, especially in hardcore mode!

If you are looking for a small fun indie game, this is a great choice if you like action adventure games with puzzle elements, if you dislike puzzles you can always disable them before starting a new play through! 


I rate Milo’s Quest with a 7.2 after playing.
The game offers you multiple ways to experience the game!

What are my personal thoughts about Milo's Quest?

There are off course better games out there but for a short indie game, I had a great time, sadly I was a bit disappointed the game did not last longer.


My personal Rating of Milos Quest is a 7.0.
Fun game but alas to short!

Last Words



This is a game that I would recommend if you are looking for a small indie game or if you do not have a lot of time to play. Do not expect a huge, major game when you start this game, and you will enjoy the journey that Milo ventures through.

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Milo’s Quest in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Do you start out with 2 hearts on any difficulty? It didn't say in the review

    • Yes, you always start out with 2 hearts, no matter the difficulty!

  2. Looks super cute! Good review.

    • Thank you!

  3. It might be nice to have an arrow to show where to go next.

  4. seems cool

  5. Room for a perpetual question - dogs or cats? I vouch for dogies!

    • We have three cats!

  6. nice review

    • Thanks!


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