Super Mario Party Review

Even Bowser is invited to this party!

Super Mario Party Review


Today we will be looking at a review of the poll winner from some time ago, the Mario Party poll. The winner was Super Mario Party! There is also a new Mario Party that was recently released that we are currently playing for a review! Super Mario Party is the first Mario Party for the switch, luckily this game abandons the mechanic of all being stuck in a car together. Back to the normal Mario Party with new mechanics! There is also a small story, but this consists of mini-games only thus there will not be a story section in this review, but  there will be a challenge mode section!

What did I think before playing Super Mario Party?

It has been awhile since I had played a decent Mario Party game that I enjoyed, I hoped that this game would break the curse of the previous game where you got stuck together. That is not how Mario Party should work, as an alternate mode? Perfect! But for the main mode, it is a big no! I was very interested in what characters would be playable and how many boards there would be! A team mode is a must off course! Without further ado, we went to the Nintendo page for more information!

The Nintendo page
The first thing that jumps out is the characters that are playable! I also read that there would be secret characters to unlock and a challenge mode as well! I will write a separate section on the challenge mode! This time around, everyone has their own custom dice, every character is unique! All those new mini-games look amazing, let’s party!


I rate Super Mario Party with a 10 before playing.
This game gets me very excited to play all those mini-games, I cannot wait to play team mode with my wife! We are going to crush those weakling non-playable characters!

Challenge mode

To start unlocking some secret characters you will need to play challenge mode, before playing though you need to play every mini-game first! This means that you need to play normal party boards, the sound mini-games and the raft party mode! After unlocking all mini-games you can start up the challenge mode, this is basically a gauntlet of many mini-games where you need to complete multiple objectives!

There are different worlds that you will traverse, each of them has different mini-games and there is even a master mode. Get ready to have your butt handed to you! Some of these master challenges will be extremely hard! All in all, it will take you quite some time to complete all the challenges!


I rate the challenge mode of Super Mario Party with a 9.5
This mode is an absolute must in a Mario Party game, it has been a part of Mario Party since the third Mario Party!


The premise of Mario Party should be clear since there have been over ten other Mario Party games, nonetheless, let us go over a short version of the rules! After choosing a board and for how many turns you want to play, you need to start by deciding the play order. This is done by rolling the dice, whoever rolls the highest gets to go first! Once it is your turn, you can select either the normal dice or your character’s dice! Choose wisely since some dices have a zero!

After you have hit the dice, your character starts walking, it is of course your goal to get to the star before the other players do! There are different spaces that you can land on, like an event space that will release a chomp that will attack you! Some event spaces will transport you! Every board has different events!

After everyone has ended their tun, it is time for a fun mini-game or not, depending on your skills! What mini-game is chosen depends on where everyone has landed. If you land on a red space, but the other players landed on blue, it will be a 1 VS 3 mini-game! On the way, you will also encounter allies that will also hit a die, this makes it possible to roll high numbers! Allies do not participate in mini-games unless stated otherwise! You can even use their die for yourself!

Different modes all have different rules, as do some boards! If you do not know what to do, make sure to check the rules first, Toad loves explaining the rules! My wife and I enjoyed the team mode the best, but we also played all the other modes to unlock challenge mode!


I rate the gameplay of Super Mario Party with a 10.
There is so much to do, there is a challenge mode, team mode and a lot more!

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are amazing of Super Mario Party, there are a whole load of characters including Bowser’s minions! Shy Guy is awesome! There are only a couple of boards but with all the different modes, there is a lot to see and experience! There are many mini-games and they all look amazing!


There are many soundtracks and sound effects due to all the mini-games in Super Mario Party! All the different boards have different soundtracks. All characters have different sound effects, most of them are recognizable from other Nintendo games!


I rate the sound and graphics of Super Mario Party with a 10.
This game is a perfect entry for the Nintendo Switch to introduce Mario Party!

What did I think after playing Super Mario Party!

My wife and I played a lot of boards and even managed to beat the master non-playable characters! We played a lot of the raft mode and team mode!  If you have friends to play with, this game is amazing but if you are a solo player, you will find a lot of challenge in the challenge mode once it is unlocked!

After the Mario Party scandal of getting stuck together in a car, this is amazing! A great way to play Super Mario Party! Even though there are not a whole load of boards, there is a lot to do, and all characters feel unique!


I rate Super Mario Party with a 9.0 After playing.
The only improvement that I could think of for Super Mario Party would be more amazing boards, otherwise this would have been a perfect game!

What are my personal thoughts about Super Mario Party

I had hoped for a great game, and Super Mario Party delivered that! I am very curious as to what the next Mario Party game will bring! It must have a team mode and a story or challenge mode! We have not yet fully explored this new Mario Party and what it has to offer! We hope it improves upon the formula of Super Mario Party, we saw some old boards in a trailer! With the end of this review in sight, we are going to boot up Mario Party Superstars!


My personal Rating of Super Mario Party is a 9.6.
Are you ready to party?

Last Words



If you are looking for a party, this is what you are looking for!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Super Mario Party in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Why is challenge mode rated 9.5 and not 10 🤔

    • Due to some mini-games being way to hard, you need special tricks to win, lol.
      It can even hurt your joy con!

  2. I was surprised to see that the Mario Party series has already released more than 10 titles.

  3. Hopefully they add more boards with future DLC.

    • "There could have been more boards"

      nintendo: no

  4. i remembered old days.

  5. Mario Party needs more love!

    • Agreed!

  6. Glad you really liked the game.

    • I think you would like it too!

      • I bet I would, will propably buy it on sale.

  7. There´s a lot of variety on this one.

    • Yeah, there is a lot to do!

  8. I used to play Mario Party 8 with my brother. My favorite board was the Koopa Town, where you need to upgrade you hotel. Good to know they still make interesting mini games.

    • I loved that board! Mario Party 9 and 10 were horrible though with the car mechanics and the mini stars!

  9. that's one hell of a fun 🙂

    • Yeah, it is!

      • you should consider adding the biggest con of this game - it is only for Switch 😉

  10. funny game

    • Indeed!

  11. Its video was fun.

  12. Kinda wish it'd have more 2 versus 2 player minigames. Still good.

    • yeah, more variety is always good!

  13. Hope more boards are added as free DLC

  14. Mario always brings good memories 🙂

    • That is true!

  15. Next will be Super Wario Party?

    • I rather have Waluigi Party!

  16. Mario games always bring back good memories!

  17. Cool

  18. this looks so fun! thanks for the review.

    • You are welcome!


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