Best Sniper Legacy Review

Experience a time loop as you keep completing the same mission over and over!

Best Sniper Legacy Review


Today we are going to snipe another review! Best Sniper Legacy is both a mobile, and a Nintendo Switch game. We looked at the game when cruising through the Nintendo E-shop and decided it could be a fun but little Indie game. Thus, we bought this game and started playing. In this game, you use a sniper to snipe dinosaurs, preferably in their heads! In this review, we are going to look if this game has been altered enough to be fun on the Nintendo Switch! There is no story despite the store page saying something differently, this means that we will not have a story section in this review.

What did I think before playing Best Sniper Legacy?

We are always on the lookout for fun new games, especially when the games in question are in a sale, even though we have a massive backlog of games which we want to review aside from the requested reviews list and poll winners. We found a sale for Best Sniper Legacy, The price was lowered to only a few euros! Furthermore, we started our investigation to see if this game could have some potential! The initial vibe that the store page gave us was good, and we decided to buy the game, but we of course wanted to dig up a little more information before playing! Thus, we went to the Nintendo Page on the computer, which usually has a little more detail!

The Nintendo Page
The Nintendo store page looks quite attracting, especially the gameplay looks interesting. There is no walking or exploring, but you get dropped on a spot in the map. There are a lot of different modes to try out, and we were eager to test them all. Without further ado we jumped into the game, this was before we knew that there was also a mobile version of this game. After playing five minutes of playing, we already saw that this looked like a mobile game.


I rate Best Sniper Legacy with a 7.0 before playing.
The Nintendo Store page is very appealing, and the gameplay videos looked quite fun. Little did we know that we were entering one hell of a mess that is called Best Sniper Legacy!


The main part of the gameplay is off course shooting dinosaurs and humanosaurs, headshots give extra gold! There are also lung shots, heart shots and brain shots. This means that you also get a heat sensor detector which shows you certain organs of the dinosaur for a few seconds. There are a few different modes, for example story and boss missions. There are five different worlds that you traverse while completing missions.

Many of the missions are recycled and will come back later. Other modes will be looking for a certain dinosaur, stopping rampaging dinosaurs or even PVP. However, take note that a single loading screen can take up to two minutes! Whereas one mission can take up to a maximum of a minute! This means that you will spend more time in loading screens than actually playing Best Sniper Legacy! The loading screens also crash frequently, beware these crashes can corrupt your save file, this also happened to us, and we lost over three days of game time after recovering our file!

When completing missions, you will gain gold, which you will need to upgrade your sniper or buy a new sniper. You can also collect diamonds, but the diamonds are unbalanced. You require 2500 diamonds for the best sniper, after one week of grinding we barely had 500 diamonds. We also ran out of easy ways to gain diamonds. Opening crates are like loot boxes, you can buy these with diamonds, but the free one is the best, as you can see in the video below.

You also have mods that you can insert into your sniper, these are very useful.  However, collecting these mods can be hard! First, you need blueprints to upgrade your sniper rank to unlock a slot. Then you need to find a mod that you can find in a crate. You might think of fusing mods, but you require fifteen per mod for one fusion. Thus, fusion is useless, since we gathered four of the same mods after one week of playing!


I rate the gameplay of Best Sniper Legacy with a 3.
There are many bugs that will also wipe or corrupt your save file. Getting the best sniper is impossible unless you sell your soul and grind for 20 hours a day. For a small indie game, that is too much to ask from a player. Even though the gameplay is quite fun, there are just too many problems with Best Sniper Legacy!

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are awful, the dinosaurs barely resemble what they should look like from fossil excavations. The legs are humongous! The dinosaurs also clip through walls. The terrain is very stale and repetitive! Making upgrades to your sniper barely shows up when doing a mission.


There is only one soundtrack, and it sounds horrible after a while. There are also barely any sound effects for the missions. It seems like this game runs on one soundtrack and less than ten sound effects. Some dinosaur sound effects are suddenly very loud, while others are barely hearable.


I rate the sound and graphics of Best Sniper Legacy with a 1.
Even though I would like to give a better rating to a dinosaur game, I simply cannot do that if there is only one soundtrack.

What did I think after playing Best Sniper Legacy?

Even though this game initially starts out fun, it quickly fades when you realize you are doing the same thing over and over again. The missions are all the same and keep coming back, the same goes for the boss missions. The snipers that need to be purchased with diamonds are unbalanced, since you cannot collect enough to buy them when they are needed in the game. You can purchase diamonds with real money in the mobile version, they forgot to adjust the amount for Nintendo Switch Players.

My wife and I played the game and completed all missions, but the long loading screens caused a crash and corrupted our save file. Three days  of gameplay were wiped, and we rage-quitted! We lost a good deal of progress when the game crashed. There are just too many problems with this game as is. It seems the mobile version might be better. Down below,  you can see how much progress we lost!

This is from when we made the video for showing how the crates work. Down below, you can see how many badges we had after the crash!


I rate Best Sniper Legacy with a 2.0 after playing.
There are too many issues when playing this game. There are microtransactions in the mobile version that compensate for the missing diamonds in the Switch version.

What are my personal thoughts about Best Sniper Legacy?

We had fun when playing the game at first, but there is too much grinding, even though that does not give enough reward in this game. Our game also crashed, wiping a lot of our progress.


My personal rating of Best Sniper Legacy is a 4.0!
I think the Nintendo page is misleading as there is no story.  Best Sniper Legacy is unbalanced and has huge problems!

Last Words



I would recommend avoiding this game just look for something else, but if you think this game might be fun for you, buy it on a sale or get the mobile version for free.

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Best Sniper Legacy in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. lmfao this is downright trash.. Also the microtransactions 💀💀

    • The idea is good, the execution, however, is extremely poor!

  2. it is mobile game isnt it. There are so many games like that

  3. A real hidden gem... Best it remain hidden.

  4. Those currency things always make me instantly avoid a game!

  5. horrible game

  6. not a fan of this type of games

  7. Best time loop is in DEATHLOOP. Hands down!

    • I should try it!

  8. best sniper review ever!

  9. Such a damn shame this game is.

    • Yeah, it looks good on paper, but the execution is horrible.

  10. Bad game

    • haha, I agree.

  11. Some ideas were good, great review to know about this game

    • Good to know that you need to avoid this game!

  12. Organs on xray vision are so weird...silly even

    • Yeaaah, it does not even show all the organs :O!

  13. This just looks like some cheap knockoff trash

    • I agree!


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