Dandy Ace requested review

The magic is in the cards, not the trick!

Dandy Ace requested review


Today we will look at another game from the October poll that just landed in the second place, Dandy Ace! This game is also on game pass and is also a Roguelike game! However, this game follows mechanics that can also be seen in the game Dead Cells. You will be collecting shards to buy permanent upgrades and unlock new cards. There are also multiple difficulties and pathways to take. There are also trinkets to choose, these will make or break your build! Curious as to what Dead Cell is, or maybe how the game works? Read one of my earlier reviews about Dead Cells and find out!
This is about an earlier version of Dead Cells though, a new one is planned for the future!

What did I think before playing Dandy Ace?

Since Dandy Ace was also voted on in the October poll, I immediately started the game after playing Tainted Grail. Yaromirro also requested this game! Dandy Ace reminded me a lot of Dead Cells but this time around you will have cards to use, these cards will make your build along with some trinkets. I had no clue what else to expect from this game, thus I went to the Steam Page to get the most accurate information.

The Steam Page

Looking at the Steam Page, we see a lot of information that we already were able to deduce by looking at some trailers and screenshots. However, the ever-changing palace sounds amazing along with different routes. I also noticed there would be some keys to collect.


I rate Dandy Ace with an 8.2. Before playing.
This looks like Dead Cells, but with magical cards, what could go wrong?


The story starts with Dandy Ace being an amazing magician, Lele is extremely jealous and makes a deal with a cursed mirror which sucks in Dandy Ace and his helpers inside the mirror. Dandy Ace needs to lift the curse to get free.


I rate the story of Dandy Ace with a 6.0
The story is pretty weak and Lele is not even a real villain, just a jealous magician who wants to be Dandy Ace.


Dandy Ace starts you out each run with three cards, however as you unlock more cards, new ones can be selected by the game at random. There are several card types, the blue type cards can let you teleport around to dodge enemy attacks, but you can also damage enemies by teleporting into them! All blue cards have a different teleport attack!

You will also have purple cards, these are main attack cards and can be spammed, but some powerful ones have a very slight cooldown. If you think there are too many enemies around, you will need yellow cards, which can be used for crowd control. Yellow cards can have multiple effects, like a black hole or a horizon ball that will inflict slow. Yellow Cards have the longest cooldown off all card types.

All cards have an extra slot, these can be filled with additional cards. They might add stun or even increase damage to your chosen card. There are a lot of combinations, as there are also a lot of unlockable cards. Once you have the cards unlocked, you can also find them in chests. You can also upgrade cards if you have invested shards in that permanent upgrade!

Battles are fast-paced, and you might need trinkets to even the playing field. Trinkets can increase your damage or even decrease damage taken. You can also use a tea potion to heal up, if you collect enough shards you can unlock more tea potions! Bosses are hard, and you might need a tea potion to survive!


I rate the gameplay of Dandy Ace with an 8.8
The gameplay mechanics are similar to Dead Cells, but there are some differences, and it is a great game! You can also collect keys to open up new paths in the palace.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are very colorful and there is quite a vast array of enemies depending on what path you take in the palace. All enemies have a drop pool of blueprints, you will need these blueprints to unlock new cards and trinkets! Also, the healing items are cupcakes, which is awesome! Cupcakes are bad for your diet!


The soundtracks were fun and the voice acting was fun. There are also some fun meme quotes from Lele. The sound effects were also great.


I rate the sound and graphics of Dandy Ace with an 8.1
I like the cupcakes that get littered all over the place with the trinket, cupcake party!

What did I think after playing Dandy Ace?

I had a fun time playing this game, so much actually that I completed the Nightmare difficulty, this is the highest difficulty. To take the challenge to the next level, I completed all the achievements and collect a platinum! I had a lot of fun collecting all off the blueprints! The most difficult boss fight was Severino the gatekeeper! Lele was easier to manage and dodge.

If you like rogue like games like Dead Cells, you will enjoy this game a lot! Dandy Ace has some neat gameplay mechanics, but you collect too many shards, eventually I ended up with way too many after unlocking all items in the game!


I rate Dandy Ace with a 7,5 after playing.
There are a few issues like not enough blueprints, but I think that will be fixed with upcoming updates!

What are my personal thoughts about Dandy Ace?

I had a lot of fun when playing Dandy Ace, but the story was quite weak. The quotes were very fun though! Getting platinum was not too hard! A controller is recommended when playing this game!


My personal Rating of Dandy Ace is a 7.9
There are a lot of fun things in Dandy Ace, but it was too easy for me to finish. There could have been more difficulties to make the game better or longer!

Last Words



If you like roguelike games, Dandy Ace is perfect for you!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Dandy Ace in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Pretty neat game. Loved the card system.

  2. not my kind

  3. I saw the illustration and thought it was a card game

  4. I liked game's graphic.

  5. Seems like Hades but with a bit different gameplay.

    • I never played Hades, I really need too!

      • yup, good idea 😉

  6. To be honest, I wouldn't give this game more than 5

    • It all depends on taste but the mechanics are good!

  7. It seems decent but is it worth the price?

    • If you get it on sale or on gamepass, yes!

  8. I was quite hyped for this game, the review cooled me down a little.. nonetheless, thanks for the review!

    • You are welcome, you can get it on gamepass!

  9. the gameplay gives a Hades vibe, nice

    • I really need to review that game!

  10. nice one

  11. This games got a lot of style!

    • gotta kill 'em with style!


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