Raft with mods in co-op review

Go insane with power, or cripple yourself for an even harder challenge!

Raft with mods in co-op review


Today we will be revisiting a game that we reviewed back in January, Raft! This time, however, we played it in co-op and with a boatload of mods! Yes, that pun was intended! What do mods add? How does the co-op work now that it works for us? Do the mods add new game features? Does it make the game more fun? Read this review to find out! The story is still not finished, thus there will not be a story in this review yet!

What did I think before playing Raft with mods and in co-op?

Recently a new update was added in Raft, the renovation update. This did not add new content like Varuna Point, but it mostly polished other features. This time the multiplayer did work! We wanted to play with mods this time, there is a whole community for Raft with mods! New mods are being added the entire time! Let us take a look at the site with mods!

The mod page!

It shows you some featured mods, like the new storage chests! This is a great way to add new storage to your raft! You can also add new crops or, my favorite thus far, add a new minimap! The site gives you a handy tool to easily install most of the mods! You do need the extra settings mod, this mod allows you to change settings of many mods!


I rate Raft with mods in co-op with an 8.3 before playing!
Finally, a mod that disables the durability of items. No more items that will break for us!


The gameplay remains the same as in the original Raft. There are new expansions like a trading quest that can be added! What is the best thing in my opinion that the mods add? A whole two pages full of decorations that you can use to decorate your raft! This way, you can make your raft even prettier! Another mod adds a way to turn around your decorations, like put them on the ceiling!

If you think that the game did not have enough items to craft in the original Raft, there are a lot of mods that add new items. There are augmented items that add extra inventory or even make you faster at chopping wood! These upgrades that will make you ultra powerful cost a lot of materials and grinding to get them! What is even better, all these mods work in multiplayer!

If you wanted titanium items, after hunting all those titanium ores that are hard to get, there is a mod for that! Now you can have a titanium hook and a titanium shovel! There are even titanium arrows! With the mods that are available, there are almost infinite possibilities! I will let you figure out the rest of the mods for yourself!


I rate the gameplay of Raft with mods in co-op with a 9.3.
Using mods is amazing, they should open the Steam workshop!

Sound and Graphics


The graphics remain the same, but the mods add a lot of new items and decorations. The renovation update also polished some older models! Painting has also been updated, but I still do not like painting, I am also not the most creative person when building rafts or bases! As you can see, we have a lot of fun decorations on our raft!


The soundtracks and sound effects remain the same, so far I have not seen any mods that change the sound in any drastic way.


I rate the sound and graphics of Raft with mods in co-op with a 7.8.
A lot of graphical issue have been fixed and the puffer fish no longer swim through the wall!

What did I think after playing Raft with mods in co-op?

My wife and I enjoyed playing together in Raft, the bed can now be useful for resurrecting each others! To challenge the food status, as we now needed food for two characters, we added a mod that added fishing nets! These fishing nets capture fish over time unless you are anchored. We did need a few extra grills to keep the fish grilled!

We played all the way, now we just need to wait for Varuna Point. We had a lot of fun playing with mods, the best mod was the mini map! I urge you to test out all the mods that interest you!


I rate Raft with mods in co-op after playing with an 8.2.
With mods, this game is a lot more fun!

What are my personal thoughts about Raft with mods in co-op?

The mods are a lot more fun than you would think, I hope the developers open the Steam workshop to allow more mods to be easily installed in the future!


My personal Rating of Raft with mods in co-op is a 9.4
The mods are amazing for this game!

Last Words



Yes, you can sacrifice your co-op partner to Bruce the Shark, it does not buy you much time though.

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Raft with mods in co-op in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. Looks fun!

  2. I enjoy water themed games.

  3. I enjoy water themed games...

  4. You was too late to write review but good anyway 🙂

  5. I'm scared of the ocean.

    • Who isn't?

  6. Interesting survival game, especially for the fact that you need to gather materials from water.

    • Yeah, a lot of developers started copying this mechanic!

  7. I played a bit but the sharks just ruined it

    • You should play it on peaceful then!

  8. Mods seems really good with this game, nice survival.

    • Yeah, the mods are designed well!

  9. Never played raft before, only watching videos. super fun game

    • You should play it once!

  10. A good review on the topic of survival

    • Or on how to get eaten by a shark!

  11. Ah, survival game Skyrim style. Install loads of mods, break the game. My favourite.

    • Breaking the game is always fun lol

  12. minecRAFT? on a raft?

    • There is even a mod for Minecraft that turns it into raft, did you know that?

  13. Looks like a fun mashup of Sea of Thieves and Don't Starve

    • Sounds like great games, got to look them up!

  14. Man you actually care about the decoration mod. I'm more into action and stuff.

    • Decorations are awesome!


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