Loot Hero DX Review

Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running!

Loot Hero DX Review


Today we are going to look at a small indie game called Loot Hero DX.  We received this game through Woovit. This is a website where YouTubers can get free keys in exchange for a YouTube video(and a review). Loot Hero DX looked interesting to my wife and I, so we decided to play it! This is a game where you just run left and right to kill enemies while using the loot to upgrade your stats! There is no story in Loot Hero DX, so this review will not have a story section.

What did I think before playing Loot Hero DX

After requesting the key and receiving it, we decided to play this game and make a review. It looked very interesting. It did seem a bit repetitive though, but there were nine stages to play with increasing difficulty. We did not know what more to expect in this game, so we decided to look at the information on the Nintendo Page, as the key was for the Nintendo Switch! This game is also available on Steam and other platforms.

The Steam Page

The Nintendo Page looks quite attractive with a few main selling points like a bestiary that you can fill out and of course a lot of loot to collect. There are also feats that you can complete, this is the main point of the game! In the video below we have slain the dragon 15 times, which entails most of the feats available in the game!


I rate Loot Hero DX with a 6.3 before playing.
This game looks like a fun little indie, but it seems extremely repetitive and a game that is quickly completed!


All you do in this game is basically run around to collect loot and experience points, this is off course needed to upgrade your stats, which can be done at a safety house that you will encounter after every few enemies. The enemies can also drop potions or power ups that allow you to move faster, upgrading speed can make you extremely fast as you can see in the video we made below which shows the difference between a starting character speed run and a character that has an insane high amount of running speed!

There are nine stages that you need to complete, ending the nine stages with the final boss fight. After completing the nine stages, you will unlock the same nine stages but with an increased difficulty. After one run, you will already have completed the bestiary. You will also unlock a miner that will mine loot for you when you are not playing. These miners will become redundant very quickly, as you can collect the max amount of loot in mere seconds. At the end of every stage you will find a boss, but you will soon learn, the enemies will give a lot more loot than the bosses.


I rate the gameplay of Loot Hero DX with a 6.0.
This game is fun for a couple of hours, but then you will notice how repetitive the game actually is, and the fun starts to wear off.

Sound and Graphics


The graphics are made in retro style and are reminiscent of old times, but there are still some flaws. The weapon changes with upgrades, but your armor does not, this bothers me. The enemies do look nice, but with how fast you will be running, you will barely see them!


The soundtracks are quite repetitive as you will be completing the nine stages over and over again until you have completed all the feats in Loot Hero DX. There is no change in the soundtracks after raising the difficulty.


I rate the sound and graphics pf Loot Hero DX with a 6.0.
There are quite some flaws in Loot Hero DX, but it is still quite fun to look at!

What did I think after playing Loot hero DX

My wife and I still had a fun time while playing this game, but we quickly learned it is the same all over again. Which means that this game will make sure that you are bored rather quickly.  There are not enough stages nor feats. It is also odd that there is a bestiary which you can fill up in one run minutes!

We had higher expectations from Loot Hero DX  when we saw the fun trailer, this was a quick but fun game, if you are looking for a small indie game, this is perfect. If you are looking for a big game, I suggest that you look further!


I rate loot Hero DX with a 5.0 after playing,
This game is just too repetitive, and we were quite disappointed with Loot Hero DX.

What are my personal thoughts about Loot Hero DX

There is only one reason why we played this game multiple times! It is fun in the beginning, and we needed more data for the review as well as for a video on YouTube! All in all, a small but fun indie game for one Sunday afternoon!


My personal Loot Hero DX is a 4.5.
I had hoped there would be more stages and enemies to encounter! Equipment might have also been a good ide, this game wanted simple but went too simple!

Last Words



If you are interested in a small indie game that you can clear in a day, this is the perfect game for you!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Loot Hero DX in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. It's addicted to game i suppose. So fast.

  2. Too much repetitive, maybe this game is not for me. I prefer games that give you many possibilities of how to play and a good replay value.

    • I agree with you!

  3. the pixel graphics is so blurry but this game still can't beat Colt Canyon for being super ugly

    • Which game is that!?

  4. Completed this 100%, it's a great and fun game

    • It was indeed fun!

  5. It's a game where you can enjoy the exhilaration of kicking enemies.

    • by walking over them with a stick!

  6. Also too much repetitive for me. But thanks for the review!

    • Very repetitive!

  7. It looks like those autoplaying mobile crap.

    • hahaha, you have a point there!

  8. Clickity clack that mouse until your fingers bleed. 🙂

    • Or use the controller and fall asleep 😀

  9. 5.8 is still too generous imo.. too weird and repetitive.. though its surprising that you found Pros and beat the game five times lmao

    • It is quite fun, for the first few hours, lol

  10. Although the game is the same every time I think the most important thing is that it brings fun ))

    • Sadly, it is short-lived!

  11. really so fast

  12. nice review, but the game isn't my kind


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