Halo 1 review

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Halo 1 review


The next game in the series of Halo reviews is Halo 1 in the Master Chief Collection. This game picks up right where Halo Reach ended. This time, you will be playing as the Master Chief, a superior soldier that will go on to kill thousands of aliens! If you are interested in his origin story, you might need to find some comic books! Halo 1 is one of the most classic first-person shooter on the Xbox. Missed the Halo Reach review? Read the review right here :

What did I think before playing Halo 1

I was excited to try Halo 1 after finishing the play trough of Halo Reach, the best part in this new game is that you get to play as Master Chief. The story also continues right where Halo Reach ended. It was clear from the trailers that the powers from Reach would not be returning. If you play the Master Chief collection, you also have enhanced graphics. For more information, I went to the Microsoft page!

The Microsoft Page

This page gives you a lot of information on the story of Halo 1. It is your job to uncover what is going on the Halo planet that you can see at the end of Halo Reach. However, the Covenant do not want to give up the Halo planet without a fight. What else does this Halo planet hide from prying eyes? 


I rate Halo 1 with a 9.2 before playing.
Who does not love a classic first-person shooter?


The story takes place right after the end of Halo Reach. The Pillar of Autumn goes into slipspace and Cortana leads them to a Halo planet. However, the Covenant are also after the Halo Ring. After landing upon the Halo, the Master Chief needs to unlock its secrets, but something on the Halo scares the Covenant, what could scare these scary aliens?


I rate the story of Halo 1 with a 10.
This is the peak of Halo story telling in the Halo series, the plot twists are amazing and with the new graphics, you will get sucked into the story very easily!


The gameplay is rather simple in Halo 1, you start with selecting the difficulty, there are also skulls to enhance your gameplay. Skulls can make your enemies stronger or help you. Skulls that make the enemies stronger will give you a higher score, but there are also skulls that will lower your score.

There are multiple weapons to choose from, but there are fewer weapons compared to other Halo games, however this adds a certain kind of balance to weapon damage. The Covenant weapons are very useful to destroy Elite Covenant enemies. However, grunts go down easily, even with a normal pistol.

There is not much else in Halo 1, there is a secret scene if you complete the last mission on Legendary. It is easier to complete Legendary missions when playing in co-op mode, however my wife and I failed to get the offline co-op working despite following YouTube guides and having separate controllers connected to the computer. Even though other co-op games work easily, this game just did not want to sync our controllers.


I rate the gameplay of Halo 1 with a 9.1
I like that the weapons are balanced, but I miss sprinting and the special power ups.

Sound and Graphics


The remastered graphics are quite good for how old this game is. The armor of the Master Chief looks quite odd, though, does anyone else think the helm of Master Chief has horns in cutscenes? The Covenant look awesomely creepy, as do the other enemies that you will encounter!


The soundtracks are amazing in Halo. Despite this game being old (2001). The music is very epic! The sound effects are also very good, I advise using the skull that makes the grunts explode in fireworks when you shoot them in the head!


I rate the sound and graphics of Halo 1 with a 9.2
We all know which enemies are very creepy when you meet them for the first time!

What did I think after playing Halo 1?

I enjoyed playing through the missions in Halo 1. The best mission was Guilty Spark 343. The enemies that are introduced in this level still creep me out with a great plot twist cutscene! I was sad though that we did not get the offline co-op working. I also liked how the weapons are balanced.

I recently started playing on Legendary, I also made a video of starting my Legendary campaign! It was quite hard to adapt to the enemies now being a big challenge. I might need some more practice since I am using the shoot and run in tactics too much in the normal campaign.


I rate Halo 1 with a 9.0 after playing.
Halo 1 is one of the best Halo games currently out there, at least in story originality!

What are my personal thoughts about Halo 1

I enjoyed Halo 1 more compared with Halo Reach. I did miss out on the power ups and sprinting, though. Furthermore, I also disliked how complicated the offline co-op works. It used to be so simple in the original game!


My personal Rating of Halo 1 is a 7.8.

Last Words



If you like first-person shooters, this is a classic game that you need to play!

Final Rating



Let me know what you think of Halo 1 in the comments!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I hope to see you in the next review!
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  1. I don't have these series but I'm going to play this game forward months.

    • Get game pass, it has all the Halo games, and it is not very expensive!

  2. Everyone needs to experience this masterpiece.

    • Halo at its peak!

  3. Good review, but I´ve never been into Halo.

    • Maybe time to get killing some of those aliens!

  4. Which Halo parts are best to play?

    • Eventually we will review them all and then you can decide after reading the reviews!

  5. need start play Halo

    • Master Chief agrees!

  6. Thank you for the review. I played Halo infinite last month, it was first Halo game I've ever played and I loved it. I want to play Halo master chief collection.

    • Halo Infinite is also getting a review!

  7. I'm quite new to Halo universe but would try it some day, too

    • You should really try it!

  8. classic game from old times


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