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Bullet Hell



I have recently learned of a new and upcoming development team that is working on a new game. Currently, the game is called the 2D Bullet Hell Action game. The name is still a work in progress and the game is under heavy development. I always admire seeing new game developer team pop up on the scene trying to make their dream come true!

This new development team is called Honey Badger and they are working hard on this new game. Bullet Hell is a 2D game that has you collect many different weapons. Shoot your way through many different enemies as they will all try to grind you into bone dust.

What else can you expect from Bullet Hell?

This new and upcoming developing team has no landing page yet for their game but they are working hard to get a demo up and running!  They would like you to join their discord page to keep you up to date for when the demo releases!


We are going to promote the 2D bullet Hell Action game with a giveaway on Saturday 27th March at 8 PM C.E.T
I am looking forward to what the Honey Badgers will make of this upcoming game!

What are the current giveaways?

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