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I am 26 years old. I live in the Netherlands. I am married to my lovely wife and we both love gaming. We have three cats and two fishes.

I have been gaming since I was 4 (what does this button do?) Well since I was 7 and I actually understood what I did and played games on the SNES; like Final Fantasy, Chrono trigger, etc. It was much harder as now when I replay those games but they still look awesome just like the first time I booted it up. I played all the consoles from NES to switch with a big variety of games, including on the PC.

Now that I am older I still play a lot and I have found myself a lovely wife who also loves gaming, I still remember our first game together: super Mario galaxy on the Wii. I bet I have at least 30k hours of gaming over all the platforms. Most likely more! So much more I lost count along the way. I want to review games here in my own unique way and hope some people will be inspired to play them as well. Also, I want to give everybody a chance to win games that I have reviewed, so you can experience them and hopefully enjoy them as much as I did. It will be games of many genres, RPG, Metroidvania, puzzles, simulation, and many more.

I am new to writing blogs but I am hoping to see visitors come to my site and read what I have to say. My blog will be reviews of games I have played at least the story mode and will be in-depth and I will also post giveaways each week for the main game reviewed that week! Other reviews will be posted alongside. The main review for the first week will be Battle Chasers Nightwar with a giveaway of course! I want to do more giveaways in the near future (other than the main weekly review) but I do need donations to make this happen so feel free to donate so I can create more reviews and giveaways. Let’s make this website bigger together! Together we can make more people happy and enjoy games!

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