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We are going to dig deep for ore, Chasm is a Metroidvania that plays more like a Castlevania game but nonetheless, I have enjoyed this game a lot. In this game you play as a knight that is sent out to investigate a town, this is where your knight will eventually learn that he is a special person, he is the only one that can save the day! Chasm features a randomly generated world but you will alway...[Read More]



Another Metroid 2 Remake

If there is any genre that is very popular at the moment it is the Metroidvania genre, in that light, I would like to review a Metroid game but not just any Metroid game! We are going to look at a fan game called Another Metroid 2 Remake, is this game worth playing? A good thing to note is that this version is free to download and play! A complete free Metroid adventure but how well does this game...[Read More]



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Medieval Remake

In this new review, we are going to visit the grim world of Gallowmere, in this game you play as the would-be hero Sir Daniel Fortesque if only he did not have the worst luck in the world! Zarok is an evil wizard that tried to take over Gallowmere but despite Sir Daniel Fortesque’s failure, the evil wizard was defeated. is the game already over? We travel 100 years into the future when Zarok re...[Read More]

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