Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Introduction Another Pikmin game has entered the fray but it is not yet the original Pikmin 2 but don’t worry I will review that one as well in the future! Pikmin 3 has been released as a deluxe edition on the Nintendo Switch and we hope that Pikmin 4 will soon follow. I would certainly say without a doubt that the deluxe edition of Pikmin 3 is much better than the original Pikmin 3 that released ...[Read More]

Mega Dimension Neptunia 7 Review

WARNING, This review contains pictures of partial nudity. Introduction Megadimension Neptunia 7 is an anime Japanese role-playing game. I have never played another Megadimension Neptunia game from the franchise before, this is my first Mega Dimension Neptunia game but I understood the story quite well but it was hard to wrap my head around the story at some points.The game is very long, if you are...[Read More]

Forager Review

Introduction If you are looking for the perfect game to play when you want to grind and keep on grinding this is the perfect game. Forager will let you grind long while upgrading your weapons and lets you build your own base. While playing you will unlock new islands to discover, the islands usually have a puzzle or maybe even a dungeon. The game features many fun things to do like fishing, mining...[Read More]

Super Mario 64 Switch

Introduction An old game has come to the switch but Nintendo did not do too much to upgrade Super Mario 64, the game runs on an emulator on the switch. The graphics have been spruced up a little bit but most of the bugs and glitches are still here.In this review, we are going to look at the Super Mario 64 Switch port to see if playing the game is worth your time! Once again, we will need to save p...[Read More]

Parkasaurus review

Introduction I found this new game called Parkasaurus that is filled with dinosaurs that wear hats. In this game, you will need to build a huge park that is filled with dinosaurs but they can also escape. What would happen if your T-Rex escapes his exhibit? I hope you have hired some security guards to capture that T-Rex. This game is really fun but I have encountered many problems in this game bu...[Read More]

Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge review

Introduction Today is Halloween, the most special time of the year for us! We love Halloween very much and always celebrate it. We wanted to air a special review that would be amazing in every way! There is only one game that came to our mind that isNightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s revenge! Have you ever wanted to see how Nightmare Before Christmas would continue? Well, Disney fans and Hal...[Read More]

Alpaca Ball: Allstars review

Introduction Are you ready for some silly football fun? Then this is the perfect game for you, during our co-op playthrough I cried from laughing and had water spit out of my nose. This game is the perfect remedy if you need some laughter in your life!The ragdoll physics in this game is so insane, add to those alpaca angels that play football and you have the weirdest football game ever. There is ...[Read More]

Super Mario World

Introduction The second winner of the SNES poll has gained the spotlight for this review! Super Mario World is a game that launched in 1992 in the EU. This was 2 years before I was born, I played this game when I was around 5 years old.I was of course unable to beat it back then but since then I have beaten the game several times. Yoshi was official introduced in this game and also revealed that h...[Read More]

Newsletter Week 44

Hello gamer family, Welcome to the Halloween newsletter of week 44 in 2020. In this newsletter, we will update you on all progress, delays, and more.  Let’s go to the winner of the website giveaway’ The winner of this week’s website giveaway of the Sunless Bundle is Javier! Congratulations! The winner has received an email with instructions on how to claim the key. This week’s giveaway is the stea...[Read More]

Costume Kingdom Review

Introduction  A small but new adventure awaits you, the hallowmon need help and you are the only person that can help the hallowmon! This Halloween you will play as Rain and start with one hallowmon, can you gather all 10 hallowmons?Costume Kingdom uses multiple genres and smashes them together, the game can be completed in two hours but if you take it slow and casual you might need a few more hou...[Read More]

Paladin Dream Review

Introduction Have you ever had a dream that is so vivid that it almost seems real? In this game called Paladin Dream, you play as a paladin and he has terrible nightmares. This game is developed in an RPG MAKER engine and it looks very well tested.I have only found a few minor bugs and some problems. You can complete this game in about two hours and there are not many items to be found. The story ...[Read More]

Spore Hero Arena Review

Introduction In this review we visit another game in the Spore franchise, this is a spin-off that has mostly disappeared from the massive list of DS games that are available now. There are not even guides or walkthroughs available for Spore Hero Arena but I am fixing that. This entry for Spore focuses mostly on a story and on making your creature the strongest of all in the galaxy! You will need t...[Read More]

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