Awaken the Time

Awaken the Time

Hello gamers,

I have found a wonderful hidden game on Steam, it looks like an absolute gem! The game is still in early access but it looks very promising! The game is called Awaken The Time. I have always love time traveling in games.
The game Awaken The Time is on my to review list and I also plan to make a video review of this game. Both dates will be revealed later. Look at the link below for the Steam page of the game;

Awaken The Time is an instant buy for me, this kind of game is something that I really want to explore and review! What sold me on the steam page to review this game?

– Time travel.
– Multiple genres, did I see guns and swords?!
– The mysterious storyline.
– Beautiful graphics.
– I hope that there will be puzzles!

I think the developer did a really great job of presenting this game. I hope that everyone will be waiting for my written and video review of the gem that is called: Awaken The Time. From my first impressions, I would advise you to buy the game. I’ve asked the developer kindly if I can continue when the game is releasing new content and yes indeed you can continue.
For me, that means that there most likely will be two reviews! One early access review and a review from the completed game version of the Awaken the Time.

Are you going to join me in this time-traveling journey?  Are you planning on purchasing this game or will you wait for the (video) review?

The price of Awaken the Time will most likely go up when the game is fully released on Steam. Now might be like the perfect time for a new game experience!

I hope that we can all enjoy this game that I have found on steam. I will let you know when the review and video review will air!

Please note that I am not a robot, so I need time to play Awaken the Time for a good quality review but the game looks very inviting!

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