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We are going to dig deep for ore, Chasm is a Metroidvania that plays more like a Castlevania game but nonetheless, I have enjoyed this game a lot. In this game you play as a knight that is sent out to investigate a town, this is where your knight will eventually learn that he is a special person, he is the only one that can save the day! Chasm features a randomly generated world but you will always need to follow the same route, sequence breaking might be available but this will only break your game.

You are going to backtrack many times when after you find a new upgrade. I can tell you that you will certainly see the same tilesets in the randomly generated world but it does change enough to be fun but I think that depends on personal taste. Cham has a high replay value as there will be new things to try out and do in a new run, there is no new game+ but you will unlock new options after beating the game. I have done four runs in total and I had an amazing time when playing Chasm. The new skills that you gain while playing the story are very useful and the best one is of course found before the final boss. You can even miss certain skills if you don’t check every nook and cranny!

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