My name is Supersven1234 and I am the owner of Reviews By Supersven. We are a video game blog that gives consumers insight on what’s new in gaming reviews, why the game matters, how the game works, and if you should play it. As avid gamers ourselves, we understand the joy and escape video games provide. With that said, we sympathize with those who are unable to afford that leisure. 

Now more than ever, we need to come together. For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the last two months of our lives, and the video game and entertainment industries have certainly felt its effects. We’ve seen the cancellation of major gaming events. 

At Reviews By Supersven, we host a myriad of video game giveaways to support those restricted by poverty. We would like to expand our giveaway items and are looking for donors!

Your donations would go towards

●  Distributing FREE video games to the less fortunate

●  Expanding the frequency of giveaways

●  Expanding our audience to better serve those in need

Our goal is to raise enough money to host 50 giveaways to support 50 people in the next 4 months. After the 4 months we will keep working on making more giveaways possible!. We are running a limited-time promotion where any donation over €5 will earn you a steam key. All steam keys have been purchased with my personal funds. All donations will go to creating better and more giveaways
To donate please go to the following link and click on donate:

Donate over €5 and you are able to pick one of the following games

– Dirt 3 complete edition

– Brothers a tale of two sons

– Yoku’s Island Express

– Chasm

– Abyss Odyssey

Donate over €10 and you are able to pick one of the following games

– Injustice Gods among us ultimate edition

– The bard’s tale 4 directors cut

– Darksiders 2 deathinitive edition

– Evoland 2

– Prey 2006

Donate over €15 and you are able to pick one of the following games.

– Bioshock Infinite

– Doom classic complete
Includes Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, Doom 2 and master levels of doom 2


– Shadow warrior remastered

– Fell Seal arbiters mark

Donate over €20 euro and you are able to pick one of the following games

– Kerbal space program

– Dungeons 3

– Wizard of legend

– Sonic Mania

– Hyperdimension Neptunia Re birth 2: Sisters Generation

Donate over €25 and you are able to pick on of the following games.

– Fallout 4

– Graveyard keeper

– The incredible adventures of van Helsing the Final Cut

– Gris

– Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition

Do you want to donate over €30 or more? Please contact me on steam. The more you donate the better the steam key will be.
Do you prefer another game than of the games listed above? Add me on steam and we can talk about another game that is in the same tier you requested.

After donating please add me on Steam
You can tell me how much you have donated and what game you would like. Then I will check that you donated that amount, afterward, I will send you the steam key.
Thank you so much for helping out!

Supersven1234 and SuperFluffy

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