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Monster Hunter world + Iceborne
Monster Hunter world + Iceborne

Introduction Watch out for this roaring review, in this game giant monsters roam the land and you need to kill them (this totally does not upset the life balance at all!). To play the complete game you will need the expansion pack Iceborne, I recommend you to buy the complete set! There are many improvements in this game that make Monster Hunter World one of the best entries in the Monster Hunter series so far but another Monster Hunter game is on the rise this year!

You can choose from a plethora of weapons to hunt down these monsters, it all depends on your playstyle but they are all viable in the game. You need to hunt down monsters and create armor from them and weapons, as you complete quests you will meet different monsters. Some of the strongest and hardest monsters will be found in the master rank quests, I despise you Furious Rajang! Fighting Furious Rajang is like trying to hit Super Saiyan Goku with a tiny stick. Quests can take up to 50 minutes but if you play well you can complete some quests within five minutes. Monster Hunter World is a game that you can play for many hours, grind as if your life depends on it!


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