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We are going to look at the winner of the poll of January, Monster Train. Monster Train is a deck-building game with a twist as they say on Steam. What exactly is this twist? Maybe it is the train, I am not exactly sure but whatever the case is, I am having a lot of fun while playing this game. Just as in most of the other deck-building games your character can level up to unlock the use of new cards and relics. There are five groups that fight to save the pyre, the last light of hell that needs to be re-ignited. In this game, you do not choose one group but two, that could be the twist? One group will be your main-force with a strong champion to fight the winged ones. The second group will act as a backup to help your champion with units or spells.

Every group has unique and distinctive gameplay that makes Monster Train special, you will only start with two groups but you are able to unlock three other groups and there will be another group in an upcoming DLC. You fight in a train with multiple floors and you need to stop the winged ones from reaching the pyre, if the winged ones reach the pyre, they will try to destroy it. You will be able to choose multiple paths when following the tracks down into hell but all roads lead to a confrontation with Seraph. In each new run, he will use a different power to try and counter your deck. I had more fun with Monster Train than I did with Slay the Spire. The Last Divinity DLC  of Monster Train is slated to release in 2021 on March 25th.


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