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Our Hero First
Our Hero First

Our Hero First is a role-playing game that puts you in the role of a simple peasant cat, while going to see the king a legendary artifact called the theoramas crystal gets stolen. Even though the king has many knights he chooses you to take back the theoramas crystal. The game consists of many different acts and every one of the acts has different themes and monsters. The game features a Zelda like battle system. Instead of encountering enemies and being transported to a battle screen, you will have to fight on the map by attacking the enemies. The enemies are very twitchy so you might need to try once or twice to hit them. In each act, you will find a different boss waiting for you at the end. Before you can enter the final boss castle you will need to free the four sages to break the spell and open the bridge. Does this seem familiar to anyone? You will find new equipment to increase your power or defense, leveling up will also increase your maximum health. You will be encountering hordes of enemies at once that you will need to dispatch. The game also features some puzzle elements and a few side quests to complete.

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