Due to technical errors, it was impossible to post Elex on Wednesday 15 Juli 2020. The review has now been posted on Juli 16 Thursday 2020. The next review will be posted as normal on Sunday Juli 19. With no further ado here is the Elex review.Introduction Elex is an action role-playing
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Introduction In Graveyard Keeper you will need to maintain and restore the graveyard. The game is a simulator mainly inspired by My Time At Portia and Animal Crossing along with many other simulation games. You will become a Graveyard Keeper after you pass away when you are returning home to your love. How you
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Introduction What would happen if Skyrim was made with cats instead of nords? You will get this from a weird indie gem called Cat Quest. You are the dragon blood and you will need to save your sister that has been kidnapped by an evil cat that is unleashing dragons on Felingard. You are
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Introduction Duke Nukem Forever is a first-person shooter that took many different developers very long to make. It has gone through many years of development and changes throughout the years.Gearbox has acquired the Duke Nukem IP and I think they used the Duke Nukem IP way to less. I had hoped there would have
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Introduction A wild requested review has appeared named: Slime rancher. Are you ready to head to the Far Far Range and wrangle with slimes and collect plorts to make your living? You will find lovely pink slimes that will come easy with you to the range along with lovely kitten-like slimes that will boop
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Introduction Borderlands 1 has been released in 2009, eleven years ago as of writing. Borderlands 1 was a genre that was very unknown at that time and expanded the role-playing shooter looter genre. You will find many guns to kill your enemies.The guns in Borderlands 1 are randomly generated, this means that every gun
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Introduction to Sonic Generations Sonic Generations features time travel and the story of Sonic generations is a bit complicated to understand. The game story features the 20th birthday of Sonic. Happy birthday Sonic!The gameplay is very fun but the problem here is that the levels are all from previously released Sonic games. This means
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Introduction Megaman is a long running franchise made by Capcom and Megaman Legacy Collection X-1 is one of the many collections that Capcom has made. In Megaman Legacy Collection X 1 you are Megaman X, a newer model than the original Megaman.Megaman X-1 happens after the original NES titles Megaman Legacy collection. The games
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Introduction Pikmin 1 is a favorite game of mine. I have played this game over ten times! I will finally be able to do what I always wanted to do, Review this masterpiece from 2001. I first played this game when I was seven years old.You will have to manage Pikmin in the best
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Introduction In this game, the battles take place in the same way they do in Final Fantasy but instead of using swords and standing still, you will run backward while holding guns and shooting enemies.Serious Sam the random encounter is not a long game and can be completed in two hours if you play
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Introduction My Friend Pedro is based on the flash browser game by the same name from the year 2014. My Friend Pedro has a different developer as the flash game. The developer Devolver Digital has added many new features to the game.This game is a shoot them up genre. You will need to play
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Introduction to BeamNG.drive BeamNG.drive is a racing simulator with many ways to play the game. The game has many different modes to play.There is no career mode yet in the game but the developers are creating this career mode. This doesn’t take away that there are many more ways to enjoy BeamNG.drive.I found out
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