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Rogue Summoner
Rogue Summoner

A new game has come to steam! Rogue summoner is a game that puts you in the shoes of a summoner that will need to prove his worth by completing trials. This game features turn-based tactical combat that needs a lot of strategies to overcome the challenges this game gives you. You will be able to summon minions to fight for you and they will all have different stats. This game reminded me a lot of Dungeons and Dragons except for heroes fighting monsters there are monsters fighting other monsters. You can not summon monsters infinitely, you will need mana to summon them and when your mana runs empty and your monsters are defeated you will need to restart the dungeon. A dungeon can be short like 5 floors or maybe even 21 floors, you would hate it if you run out of mana on floor 20! This would mean you have to start on floor one again. You can’t just pick any enemy that you would love to summon and fight for you, you will need to collect their essence first by defeating them. This means you will need to defeat stronger enemies with weaker enemies and the only way you can win is by outsmarting the opponent. You can also level up to gain an edge in defeating your opponents but we will explain that more in the gameplay section. There is not really a story in this game except for the fact that you will need to complete the trials to become a summoner but you can collect lore in the game for more background information.

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