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Skia Saga Advertisement

Today I am going to look at a underrated game. There are also some games that are not top of the food chain but they might still be fun. I have stumbled across a game called Skia Saga. This developer is still building up his skill to become a better developer. This game does cost money but it is fairly cheap. What is Skia Saga about?

Skia Saga is a game that tries to combine first-person shooter and the platformer genre. I knew this game would be not as good as other games but nonetheless, I tried to keep an open mind. Try to remember that not everyone can start at the top of the world! In Skia saga you will need to platform your way while collecting gold for the bullet shop. No bullets mean that you won’t be able to fire your gun. Keep dodging until you got some bullets.

What else can you expect from Skia Saga?

Even though this game might not look like your first choice, I recommend you also think of the people working hard to make games that are fun for you! You can find the game right here

We are going to promote Skia Saga with a giveaway on our website from Saturday march 27th 8 PM C.E.T to Saturday, April 3rd at 8 PM C.E.T.
You can find the giveaways right here:

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