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Spore-Dark Injection
Spore-Dark Injection

Are you ready to revisit some memories of playing Spore? Everyone that I know has played Spore in their past to create their perfect creature! There is no game like Spore on the market, it is a unique game that other games try to emulate but no game can get close to the perfection that Spore is able to emulate. There are many bugs, crashes, and problems in Spore but somehow, we all love the game.

For this review I have taken a twist to the usual Spore gameplay, we have inserted some Dark Injection into Spore! This a huge mod that alters many aspects of Spore, one of the major changes is that you are able to find more parts to create the creature that you want to create. Another huge upgrade is that it removes the complex meter from the game, this means you can create the creature that you want in any way that you see fit. No longer the annoying message that you have plastered to many parts on your creature, this also applies to buildings and vehicles. There are some bug fixes here and there but this does not fix the constant crashing.  I have made a full gameplay video for Spore-Dark Injection!

In Spore, you begin as a tiny cell that needs to evolve to a space-faring creature while you decide if you are going to be friendly or going to be aggressive! Depending on the way that you play, you end up with a different class at the end. All the different classes have different skills that can be very useful in the space stage. In this review, I won’t make a part of what I thought before playing Spore since I really have no idea anymore what I thought 12 years ago before playing but I am going to make a what did you think before playing Spore-Dark Injection! I will fuse the Gameplay with the story, we will look at all the phases that you go through in Spore-Dark Injection.

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