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Craftopia – Creative mode review

Introduction Today we will be reviewing a different mode of Craftopia, this is a new mode that has been added in a recent update. We will be going into detail what makes creative mode different compared with the regular game mode. The main difference is that you need a different character and also need to create a new world. The normal mode of Craftopia is not compatible with creative mode. The so...[Read More]

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin Review

Introduction Today we are going to review the second game in the Monster Hunter Stories Franchise, this second game is called the Wings of Ruin. If you have never played the first game in the series this might be a fun game but if you did, this game is a horrible disaster, I would like to call it Monster Hunter Stories 1,5. The story is almost the same and a lot of events have been retconned that ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter Stories 1 review

Introduction Today we are going to review a 3DS title that also has a sequel on the Nintendo Switch, I am talking about the Monster Hunter Stories series! Everyone might know about the normal Monster Hunter games, recently a part two has been released in the Monster Hunter series, but we are going to start with Monster Hunter Stories 1! Are you ready to become best friends with monsties and ride t...[Read More]

Monster Harvest Review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a new farming game, but is it any good or fun to play? The game that I am talking about is called Monster Harvest, we have received a key in trade for a review. In this game you will inherit a farm in planimal point, as this is also a dungeon crawler with Pokémon like battles! Your crops can turn into monsters, livestock or even mounts! In the beginning, ...[Read More]

Soul of Giga review

Introduction Today we are going to look at a Monster catching game that I have talked about a little while ago. This game is called the Soul of Giga and is a small but charming game where you collect monsters that are called, the Gigas will fight for you. There are not many Gigas available and I did lose my completed save file which is always a bummer! Nonetheless, I had quite some fun in leveling...[Read More]

Pokémon Snap Review

Introduction Today we are going to review a game that has been released recently. New Pokémon Snap has you take pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat. There are 24 courses and 214 pokémon to photograph. You will have multiple tools to get a special photograph, we are going to dig deeper into the photography system and ratings in the gameplay section. It has been twenty years since the relea...[Read More]

Nexomon Custom Mode Review

Supersven Introduction Today we are finally going to review Nexomon, I hear what you are saying but you already reviewed Nexomon Extinction!? This time we are going to look at the new game mode that the developers have made called custom mode. What is different compared with the normal mode of Nexomon Extinction? We are going to look at that in this review. I will not make a section for what I tho...[Read More]

Nexomon Extinction December poll Review

Introduction A new exciting review is awaiting us and this game is a blast, in this review we are going to look at Nexomon Extinction. First things first, what can you expect from this game? Nexomon Extinction is the second game in the Nexomon series but you don’t need to play Nexomon 1 to understand the story. This is a turn-based game with Nexomon, these act like Pokémon but in my opinion, this ...[Read More]

Final Fantasy World Maxima Review

Introduction What would you get if you create a story with all Final Fantasy characters? You will get this gem but it has a lot of flaws in the core mechanics, I liked Final Fantasy World a lot but it has a few core problems.The story is a bit odd but it tries to tie together all of the realms of Final Fantasy, you get to meet characters like Cloud and Squall, usually, they come busting in and sav...[Read More]

Costume Kingdom Review

Introduction  A small but new adventure awaits you, the hallowmon need help and you are the only person that can help the hallowmon! This Halloween you will play as Rain and start with one hallowmon, can you gather all 10 hallowmons?Costume Kingdom uses multiple genres and smashes them together, the game can be completed in two hours but if you take it slow and casual you might need a few mor...[Read More]

Rogue Summoner

Introduction A new game has come to steam! Rogue summoner is a game that puts you in the shoes of a summoner that will need to prove his worth by completing trials. This game features turn-based tactical combat that needs a lot of strategies to overcome the challenges this game gives you. You will be able to summon minions to fight for you and they will all have different stats. This game reminded...[Read More]

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