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Best Sniper Legacy Review

Introduction Today we are going to snipe another review! Best Sniper Legacy is both a mobile, and a Nintendo Switch game. We looked at the game when cruising through the Nintendo E-shop and decided it could be a fun but little Indie game. Thus, we bought this game and started playing. In this game, you use a sniper to snipe dinosaurs, preferably in their heads! In this review, we are going to look...[Read More]

Duke Nukem 3D Duke Xtreme review

Introduction Today we are going to look at an authorized Duke Nukem 3D expansion, this expansion is not talked about a lot, and it was extremely hard to complete the game. There is no version of this game that you can buy or simply run it on your computer. You will need to use a DOS BOX that emulates old computers. Sadly I do not have the knowledge to do this correctly, thus I do not have the new ...[Read More]

Bulletstorm Grayson Hunt Review

Introduction Today we are going to review the game called Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition, we do have another Review on Bulletstorm on Reviews by Supersven though! The other review was to answer the question if Duke Nukem belongs in this game. This review however is about the original format featuring Grayson who wants revenge on General Serrano! Bulletstorm features unique gameplay in which you nee...[Read More]

Remnant from the Ashes requested review

Introduction Today we are going to look at the sequel of Chronos Before the Ashes. This game is called Remnant from the Ashes. This game released first, but, I played Chronos Before the Ashes first. The oddest thing is that Chronos Before the Ashes is a great but small souls-like game. Remnant from the Ashes is something completely different, this game is a what I would call a shooter looter but w...[Read More]

Pokémon Snap Review

Introduction Today we are going to review a game that has been released recently. New Pokémon Snap has you take pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat. There are 24 courses and 214 pokémon to photograph. You will have multiple tools to get a special photograph, we are going to dig deeper into the photography system and ratings in the gameplay section. It has been twenty years since the relea...[Read More]

Kill It With Fire

Introduction * Please note that this is an older review, hence why it is posted in the old format. ** My computer crashed and I lost my save file, this is why the first level is seen in the video and no full weapon rack. Did you ever feel like spiders are everywhere? They could be hiding under your keyboard, waiting to jump scare you! Did you look? In this game, you are the exterminator and you wi...[Read More]

Serious Sam 3 BFE

Introduction Get ready for the Serious Sam game that should have been Serious Sam The First Encounter, with many bug fixes and issues solved that occurred in the previous entries in the series. There are some bigger issues like an endless horde of minions, there are almost 2k minions in the last map. The death loop issue has been mostly fixed due to many autosaves occurring. Most of the levels are...[Read More]

Borderlands the pre sequel review

IntroductionGet ready to float away on the moon Elpis. Borderlands the pre sequel is the story that is set between Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2. It follows the story of Jack and how he became the Handsome Jack we see in borderlands 2.This game is a First-person shooter on the moon. You will be able to choose from six vault hunters if you own all the DLC of Borderlands the pre sequel. You will m...[Read More]

Supraland review

Introduction Supraland is a different game than many people might expect. It is time for you to play one of the few First-person Metroidvania style games. The game works like Metroid Prime but with Play toys instead of Samus and space pirates.You will have to shoot enemies to fight your way through new areas but then most areas will be blocked. You will need to gather new abilities, this way you c...[Read More]

Serious Sam the Random Encounter

Introduction In this game, the battles take place in the same way they do in Final Fantasy but instead of using swords and standing still, you will run backward while holding guns and shooting enemies.Serious Sam the random encounter is not a long game and can be completed in two hours if you play the game casually.You will have different guns in the game to use against the enemies. The enemies an...[Read More]

My Friend Pedro

Introduction My Friend Pedro is based on the flash browser game by the same name from the year 2014. My Friend Pedro has a different developer as the flash game. The developer Devolver Digital has added many new features to the game.This game is a shoot them up genre. You will need to play through the story campaign and earn as many points as possible. The highest rank you can get is the S rank. Y...[Read More]

Serious Sam The First Encounter Review

Introduction to Serious Sam The First Encounter This is a classic game from a long time ago. The story of Serious Sam is a bit weird. It involves time travel and shooting at things. The game follows Serious Sam on his journey to stop Mental.The game does not follow the whole story but only a part of it. This means when you reach the end of the game you will get a cliffhanger. Luckily the second an...[Read More]

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