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Upcoming Reviews

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Doctor Who Legacy - This game does not exist anymore!

Doctor Who Legacy

Doctor Who: Legacy is the official video game of the popular Doctor Who TV series, where you can play the role of one of the most famous doctors in history, choose his companions, and fight against a danger that threatens the stability of the universe. You will travel to different ages and play within some of the most iconic episodes of the TV series. Of course, you won't have to do everything by yourself: you'll have the invaluable help of some legendary companions of the doctor, like Clara, Rory, Amy, and River.
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Quest Hunters

Quest Hunter

Welcome to the Dark World. The world that is ruled by its own laws. The world where fire is the main treasure, and a shovel is a loyal friend and assistant. There’s enough trouble for villains here but there's double trouble for heroes. As a hero you will have to: Level up and equip yourself. Claim some space for your camp from the Dark World. Assemble a team of friends and helpers. Build and protect your camp. Solve the puzzles of old times. Destroy the insidious plans of enemies. Find and unearth many treasures. Save the princess and the whole world at the same time.
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