Waluigi’s Taco Stand



Waluigi’s Taco Stand
Waluigi’s Taco Stand

es, you read that right I am going to review a game where Waluigi is the main character, this is, of course, a fan game but nonetheless, this game also deserves to be reviewed. To play this game you need an N64 emulator and mess with some settings called the advanced settings. You need to change the RDRAM from 4 to 8 MB otherwise the game will crash. It is also wiser to use an older model of the emulator that you are using otherwise killing a Goomba will create a fatal error.

There have been many rumors about Waluigi and his taco stand, was this a real game or not hidden by Nintendo? Maybe someone at Nintendo knows the truth but nonetheless, someone has made this rumor into a real game by using Super Mario 64 as a base component. The developer made a real story to go along with the game and some new levels by using assets from Super Mario 64, the soundtracks are remixed and I believe some soundtracks are from other Nintendo games. If you want to own this game for real, there are even N64 cartridges with Waluigi’s Taco Stand on it! If you want to own this game on the N64 you might need to part with some of your coins!


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