Zach Murphys post

Zach Murphys post

Hello everyone,

Zach is a friend of mine and he loves gaming as well. He loves writing about games and telling people about the games that he has played.
Zach has been writing reviews for many years and you can see his growth throughout his reviews. He has put much thought into this review. I am very happy that my friend Zach is the first for a guest post on my newly launched website.
Today I will be looking into Zach Murphy’s post about every Doom game ever and review it. I have taken a look at Doom 2016 and wrote a review about it. Zach has taken this to the next level and he has reviewed every Doom game that has ever been made! All the way from Doom 1993 to Doom eternal, from 2020. We can expect Zach to keep a lookout for any upcoming Doom game reviews.

As you can see in his post Zach has a very different writing style compared to my writing style. That is not a bad thing I like his writing style and I think it is good everybody has a different writing style.
Zach’s style can be described as a short and powerful burst of text with his own personality. I like that he adds his memories about the Doom games.
I also like the way that Zach has taken the time to play each of the Doom games. He Even the forgotten corners of the Doom franchise! Have you ever heard of the Doom Role Playing Games? There is a big chance you did not know about them. I have learned this by reading Zach’s review. There are even two Doom Role-playing games!
Zach has found these games and played them as well so that he could share his perspective on these Doom Role-Playing Games. He even mentions in his review how you can play the forgotten doom games yourself. Zach is known to find forgotten games and write reviews about them. If you are interested in forgotten reviews you should really check out other reviews that are written by Zach!

Some of the games mentioned in the Doom series I did not know about and most of the time I am pretty up to date with rare games. There were even more Doom games I did not know about. This surprised me since I like to think I am up to date with almost every genre. Because I have read about Doom resurrection I would like to try out Doom resurrection even though it does not follow the normal gameplay of Doom. It is to bad that it nos playable at this time. I wish the developers paid more attention to keeping their old games in the loop. Unfortunately, this Doom Ressurection game seems to been lost to time. If any of you have an old IOS laying around with this game let us know. Or if you find a way to emulate Doom Resurrection, please let us know

Zach’s Mentioning of Duke Nukem is a good thing since I remember playing Duke Nukem and Doom around the same time. I think that if you grew up with one or both of these games you would love to read Zach’s review.
Zach also mentions the new Doom games and the lost Doom 4 that was canceled by the developers. I think Zach and I share the same thoughts on Doom 2016.
If you are looking to play Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal, you really need to read Zach’s review. I will guarantee that you will want to play one of the Doom games after reading Zach’s review!

Here is the link to Zach’s complete review about the doom series:

Thank you Zach for writing your review and sharing it with us!

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