Introduction We are going to continue reviewing the Halo series, we are going all the way back to the start of the human-Covenant war! We will be following the Spirit of Fire in Halo Wars 1. This is however not a first-person shooter where you follow the Master Chief, this time you will be playing in
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Introduction Today we are going to look at a Metroidvania game, one that might be short but is it fun? This game is called Record of Lodoss War - Deedlith in Wonder Labyrinth, for this review we will simply call it Lodoss War.  This game has a lot of different bosses and some neat mechanics which
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Introduction The next game in the series of Halo reviews is Halo 1 in the Master Chief Collection. This game picks up right where Halo Reach ended. This time, you will be playing as the Master Chief, a superior soldier that will go on to kill thousands of aliens! If you are interested in his origin
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Introduction Today we are going to look at a small indie game called Loot Hero DX.  We received this game through Woovit. This is a website where YouTubers can get free keys in exchange for a YouTube video(and a review). Loot Hero DX looked interesting to my wife and I, so we decided to play it!
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Introduction Today we will be stepping foot into a new series of reviews, the Halo main series and who knows, maybe also some spin-offs! The first game in the Halo Franchise might not be Halo Reach, but the events in Halo Reach take place before Halo 1. Halo Reach does not feature the Master Chief, but
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Introduction Today we will be going back in time to review a golden oldie, there might be a new Battletoads but let us first review Battletoads in Battle maniacs! This is a game from the SNES era, even though I royally suck at Beat em up games, I always enjoyed these game! For some reason, the
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Introduction Christmas is right around the corner and that means a winter review is here! What is better than Christmas with Duke Nukem? Today we will be looking at the authorized expansion of Duke Nukem Nuclear Winter. Is this a good expansion, or should you avoid it? This expansion is included in the Megaton Edition of
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Introduction We are going to review a new Pikmin game! this is a mobile game, however, Pikmin Bloom is not a real mobile game, it seems more like a step-counter. It is your goal in this game to walk, walk some more, and walk even more! To get all kinds of Pikmins you will need to
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Introduction We are going to once again delve into the 3DS game library! This time we are going to look at a Final Fantasy spin-off. Final Fantasy Explorers. You will be exploring an island with many iconic monsters roaming around. There are also big eidolons that need to be taken down.  You start at one-star missions,
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Introduction We recently reviewed Viva Piñata, but what are the cutest piñatas in our opinion? We have looked over all the dances, listened to their sounds and double-checked their cuteness factor! What do you think is the cutest piñatas? Maybe you want to know about all the different piñata species? Check out the video with all
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Introduction Today we are going to steer our review to a garden of serenity and peace. That is, until a sour Piñata shows up! What? A Piñata? Yes, today we are going to review Viva Piñata, which roughly translates to, long live piñatas! It is your goal to clean up the garden and attract new piñatas!
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Introduction Today we will be looking at a  requested game review, Roman requested this game, Kitaria Fables! This is a fun action RPG game that you can play in couch co-op! You are a cat, and also a magic wielder! There are also different areas to explore, and they all have different enemies for you to
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Viva Piñata - All Piñata romance dances!

Record of Lodoss War - Searching for the final map secrets!

Halo Reach - Lone Wolf mission

Halo 1 - Pillar of Autumn on Legendary

Halo Wars 1 - the movie!

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs - Epicly failing in co-op mode!

Maneater is old news, are you ready for a new full walkthrough of an amazing game?

Screenshot of the week:

Oh no, something horrible is about to happen! Can you guess this game for extra entries in the giveaways!

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