Supersven Introduction Today we are finally going to review Nexomon, I hear what you are saying but you already reviewed Nexomon Extinction!? This time we are going to look at the new game mode that the developers have made called custom mode. What is different compared with the normal mode of Nexomon Extinction? We are going to
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Introduction Today we are going to look at a new demo. This demo is only available if you have supported the developers on their Patreon page. I have also made a promotional video for this game. Today we are going to look at the game Misc a Tiny Tale, This game is a new and upcoming
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Introduction Today we are going to take a look at a game that takes place in the Super Mario World universe. We are not talking about Super Mario or Luigi. This time Toad is going on an adventure together with Toadette. Sadly Toad has never heard of jumping around. Thus you will need to solve puzzles
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Introduction * Please note that this is an older review, hence why it is posted in the old format. ** My computer crashed and I lost my save file, this is why the first level is seen in the video and no full weapon rack. Did you ever feel like spiders are everywhere? They could be hiding under
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IntroductionThis time it is the Cat Powered UFO game to get reviewed. This will be a short review but we will still look at what powers the UFO. Yes, I know cats. Maybe I should ask why would a UFO powered by cats even exist! It is all in the details, you see, in this
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Introduction Today we are going to do a short review of Niravasi. What is Niravasi about? This game is an upcoming game and the developer is currently running a Kickstarter. Niravasi is made in the RPG maker engine but does not feature leveling up or battles. at least not in the demo, I do not know
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