Introduction A new beta review will be launched. This time we are going to look at a game with cute creatures. Never mind all those other nasty creatures that want to eat you. Oh, there is also a big cylinder that wants to crush you! This is a beta with a huge cliffhanger! In this game,
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Introduction An entry from the March poll is on the way to being reviewed. This review is also requested by Don Carlos. Chronos before the Ashes most lacking point is that it has been poorly marketed. People barely know that this game exists. Chronos before the Ashes is a souls-like game and a very good one,
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Introduction This time we are going to do a short review of a mobile game that we wrote an advertisement for in March 2021. Space Math has finally been launched into the review space! As this will be a short review I will not add the sections of what I thought before and after playing Space
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Introduction It is time for the winner of the March poll of the month to get reviewed. We are also happy to announce that not only Torchlight 3 will be reviewed. We are also preparing to review Torchlight 1 and 2! We are going to start with Torchlight 3 and work down to Torchlight 1. Many
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Introduction Today we are going to review our first Dragonball Z game but of course, there are going to be more Dragonball Z games on Reviews by Supersven! My wife and I have been playing Dragonball fighterZ and we just finished the main story of all the three arcs! In this game, you will be able
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Introduction Today we are once again diving back into the Metroidvania genre. this time around we have one epic demo to write about! This must-have piqued your curiosity! What if Metroid Prime 1 was made in 2D instead of the 3D version we all know about for the Gamecube? Team SCU has been hard at work
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Introduction Today we are going to look at another hack and slash game called Quest Hunter. This game is made by an indie developer and my wife and I was very excited to start playing this game. This game has you making choices and choosing your own path but nonetheless, you always end up at the
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Introduction Today we are going to dig deep into the history of games that have had their run. One of these games is one of the best puzzle games ever. Not only is this game a great twist on bejeweled, but it is also Doctor Who-themed. Collect many companions from the complete Doctor Who franchise while
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Supersven Introduction Today we are finally going to review Nexomon, I hear what you are saying but you already reviewed Nexomon Extinction!? This time we are going to look at the new game mode that the developers have made called custom mode. What is different compared with the normal mode of Nexomon Extinction? We are going to
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Introduction Today we are going to look at a new demo. This demo is only available if you have supported the developers on their Patreon page. I have also made a promotional video for this game. Today we are going to look at the game Misc a Tiny Tale, This game is a new and upcoming
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Introduction Today we are going to take a look at a game that takes place in the Super Mario World universe. We are not talking about Super Mario or Luigi. This time Toad is going on an adventure together with Toadette. Sadly Toad has never heard of jumping around. Thus you will need to solve puzzles
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Introduction * Please note that this is an older review, hence why it is posted in the old format. ** My computer crashed and I lost my save file, this is why the first level is seen in the video and no full weapon rack. Did you ever feel like spiders are everywhere? They could be hiding under
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These are games that Reviews by Supersven is associated with, click the images to learn more about the games!

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Sven is a dedicated indie game promoter not just generous in marketing but also passionate to bring both game developers and gamers together. For a solo developer, I find his service most responsive, effective and most importantly, more than I expected. I appreciate the experience from the beginning! Thanks Sven!
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The seller's been very responsive, confirming all the details about the order. Completed it on time and all is as promised. All is great!
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This is my second time working with them and as the last time, their service was exceptional. I plan to use them again very soon.

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Chronos Before the Ashes- Full playthrough old man on heroic with arcane build (no health upgrades). Timestamps Included!

Lawmage Academy Promotional Video Co-op. Simone Takes the lead!

Eternal Cylinder Full Beta walkthrough!Can you figure out what is behind the cylinder?

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