Month: May 2020

Doom 2016 review

Introduction to Doom 2016 Doom 2016 sets the return of the doom marine in wonderful graphics. Doom 2016 is a first-person shooter where you kill demons in the most brutal way. Not only can you shoot the demons to death, you can literally rip them apart, this is called a glory kill (see gameplay). There are many weapons to collect and upgrade. The praetor suit that you wear can also be upgraded. Yo...[Read More]

Ultrakill Review

Story The story is in development, this is what so far is know about the story.Mankind has gone extinct and the only beings left on earth are machines fuelled by blood. Now that blood is starting to run out on the surface of the earth. The machines are racing to the depths of Hell in search of more blood. Game PlayThe demo is smaller than I expected it would be but that does not matter. The demo c...[Read More]

Grim Dawn Review

Introduction to grim dawn The first review will be about Grim Dawn. It is a game I have enjoyed for more than 750 hours. Yes indeed it is a huge time sink and it can be a complete grind. I feel like that Grim Dawn is what Diablo 3 should have been. The gameplay is crossed somewhere between Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. For me, Grim Dawn takes the crown! I like Diablo 3 and Path of Exile a lot and ha...[Read More]

Battle Chasers Nightwar review

Introduction What exactly is Battle Chasers Nightwar for game? It is a game based on the comic book series Did you read this comic book? It’s on my to-do list. If you didn’t, don’t worry. This game doesn’t expect you to know what happened in the comic books but you will get a few references to the books here and there. That made me curious to read them in the future. This g...[Read More]

Hollow Knight Review

Introduction to the Hollow Knight review In this review, I will introduce you to the Hollow Knight game. I will tell you about the Hollow Knight story. The gameplay. I will give the pros and cons. A score and I will let you know if it is a game I would recommend. What is Hollow Knight for a game? You are an insect. You are hoping to save the kingdom of Hallownest from an evil infection that has br...[Read More]

Evoland 1 Review

Intro to the Evoland 1 Evoland 1 is a game where you collect graphics too upgrade the game. It is a weird way of progression and uses other game styles to fill in the genres. The game expects you to know the other games like Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Grim Dawn. There are collectibles in the game you need to collect like cards and stars. This review will contain spoilers. The ...[Read More]

Turok 1 Remastered

Introduction to Turok 1 Most people will know Turok from the past ages, from the Nintendo 64 era. Let’s take a blast to the past, back to 1997. We are going to cheat a little, since we are going to look at the remastered edition. Let us go back to 2015 and look at the steam remastered edition. Turok is a very good game and I believe it has aged very well. I like the old pixels and the dinosa...[Read More]

Project Warlock Review

Intro to Project warlock Project Warlock scratches that itch that you get from the old Doom games. The steep learning curve in Project Warlock can be difficult to handle. There is no tutorial to help you get started. When you are a casual gamer or more this should not be a problem. The story is simple-minded and easy to follow. You blow up the enemies before they blow you up. Your death can come q...[Read More]

Lone Fungus Review

Introduction to the Lone Fungus ReviewThe Lone Fungus game uses similar elements that are found in the Hollow Knight game. It is not a copy and paste work at all. I noticed the use of the same elements but the developer of the Lone Fungus gave it a good twist and made it a game of its own. The game is in an exploration Metroidvania style with combat. In combat, you can use the sword that you will ...[Read More]

Dead Cells review

Introduction to Dead Cells Dead Cells is a roguelike Metroidvania that keeps you on your toes. When you stop paying attention it means that you will die. The Enemies can do a lot of damage to you. This game is made around you dying a lot. If you don’t like starting games all over every time that you die then maybe this is not the game for you. Don’t get discouraged, Dead Cells wants you to learn f...[Read More]

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