Month: October 2020

Tools Up Review

Introduction Get ready for chaos in the apartment as you need to fix many apartments in a short amount of time. Tools Up is made for multiple people and perfect for some co-op fun. This is a game that can nourish your relationships or destroy them, if someone is feeling bad towards you, they can prevent you from completing the level. Because you will need to work together to paint the house, do th...[Read More]

Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door+ Modern Version

Introduction The second ROM hacked review has now been aired! I will now take a look at the ROM hacked version of Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door. This ROM hack does not change too many items in the game but it is mostly bug fixes and fixing of text errors. There are also a few tiny plot holes that have been fixed. These consist mainly of characters that should not know each other but they do k...[Read More]

Newsletter Week 42+ poll results

Hello there everybody The winner of this week’s website giveaway of The Suicide of Rachel Foster is Aelsolo! Congratulations! The winner has received an email with instructions on how to claim the key. This week’s updates! Reviews– New reviews have been posted on reviews by supersven; Foregone, The Untitled Goose Game: Double Trouble and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. Planned Reviews&...[Read More]

Yooka-Laylee the Impossible Lair Review

Introduction The second game of the Yooka-Laylee franchise is being reviewed. Is this game as good as the first part or maybe even better? The game leaves all the awesome ideas and progress it made in Yooka-Laylee 1 and creates all new ideas.I was very sad to hear this, when something is not broken don’t fix it. I think they should have improved upon Yooka-Laylee 1 instead of trying to make a game...[Read More]

The Untitled Goose Game-Double Trouble Review

Introduction What is that noise? HOOOOOONK!! There are two geese and they are hell-bent on destruction in the village! What could these geese possibly want and why are they annoying everyone!?In this game, you play as a goose but for this review we did a full co-op run, get ready for double trouble! Harry and Harriet have broken free (yes indeed, we have named our geese)! This game is a very nice ...[Read More]

Foregone Review

Introduction  A new game has released today on October 13th, 2020, Foregone. In this new game, you play as an arbiter, a super-soldier. The art style is very similar to Dead Cells and anyone who has played the game will recognize it immediately.This game is nothing like Dead Cells, whereas Dead Cells is a rogue-like game where you restart at the beginning of the game every time you die in Foregone...[Read More]

Bulletstorm Duke Nukem Edition Review

Introduction Bulletstorm is a very small First-person shooter game that tries to put Duke Nukem into the shoes of Grayson Hunt but fails in every aspect. I don’t know how anyone came up with this crazy idea and thought this would work well. This is purely a marketing stunt to use the Duke Nukem IP instead of making a new Duke Nukem game. There is not even a mention of Grayson Hunt or where he actu...[Read More]

Vaporum Lockdown Review

Introduction This time we are going to take a look at a game that has not been out very long yet, Vaporum Lockdown. This is the second game in the Vaporum franchise but this game is a prequel to Vaporum. In this prequel, we get to see what happened in a tower full of scientific breakthroughs that made the robots go insane. Yes indeed, you will be mostly fighting robots as this game is set in a ste...[Read More]

The Mims Beginning Review

Introduction A god game has entered the fray but this one is honestly a really bad one. The graphics are quite a letdown and the gameplay is not really good as well. If that is not bad enough, you might think it will still be fun to try out this game!There is no save button and the developers have mentioned the game is too far in development for creating a save button. In this game you will need t...[Read More]

Spore-Dark Injection Review

Introduction Are you ready to revisit some memories of playing Spore? Everyone that I know has played Spore in their past to create their perfect creature! There is no game like Spore on the market, it is a unique game that other games try to emulate but no game can get close to the perfection that Spore is able to emulate. There are many bugs, crashes, and problems in Spore but somehow, we all lo...[Read More]

Requested games September

Hello gamer friends, Thank you for all your submissions in the last month in the requested reviews section. September 2020 has ended thus it is time for the updated version of the requested reviews list!  In this last month, the list has grown with wonderful new requested games!  It’s going to be a big task to review all the requests. Every other week another requested review will be posted on the...[Read More]

Mr. Cheesy review

Introduction Get ready for the longest retro grater slide ever! There is one tiny problem with sliding down this infinite grater, you are a piece of cheese and they want to serve you in a pasta dish! You must be an Emmentaler cheese if you are good for pasta!If that does not make you shiver while trying to escape ending up in a pasta dish there is a hungry mouse army on the loose. Squeak, a yummy ...[Read More]

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