Month: February 2021

Pumpkin Jack Requested/January poll Review

Introduction Today we are going to review a game that caught my attention by seeming like a good game but it suffered a huge downfall when I started playing, Pumpkin Jack seemed great before buying but ultimately disappointed me big time. How come? We will explore it all in this review of Pumpkin Jack. In Pumpkin Jack you play as a trickster that is resurrected by the devil himself to ensure ...[Read More]

Blue Fire Developer Requested Review

Introduction A new Legend of Zelda-like game has been created by Indie Developer Robi Studios, wait that is not right this game acts more like a Dark Souls game with unforgiving combat. The atmosphere is more like that of Metroid and it uses a charm like equipment setting as you can also experience in Hollow Knight. Whatever the case is, Legend of Zelda was the main influencer of Robi Studios when...[Read More]

Raft Requested/January poll/Early Access Review

introduction What would you do if you are on an open ocean with only a plastic hook and some garbage? In Raft we are going to explore what your character would do but the best answer is: build a huge boat with plastic and wood if you are creative enough. If you think the ocean is safe, you might want to rethink that because Bruce the shark is going to hunt you down. Raft is a survival game wi...[Read More]

Bounty Battle Developer Requested Review

Introduction After a long time, I am finally going to review the game called Bounty Battle, I have waited for what feels like an eternity for Bounty Battle to get more updates but sadly after the first update, I have not seen a new update for a Bounty Battle. The game was very broken and still is but after waiting for a few months I have decided to finally review the game because I think the devel...[Read More]

Monster Train Requested/Winner of the January 2021 poll Review

Introduction We are going to look at the winner of the poll of January, Monster Train. Monster Train is a deck-building game with a twist as they say on Steam. What exactly is this twist? Maybe it is the train, I am not exactly sure but whatever the case is, I am having a lot of fun while playing this game. Just as in most of the other deck-building games your character can level up to unlock the ...[Read More]

Minecraft Dungeons Review

Introduction A new review is live, and this will be the first time a Minecraft game will be reviewed on reviews by Supersven, I am not going to look at the original Minecraft game (yet), but I am going to review Minecraft Dungeons. This game is a hack and slash game that wants you to play with different people. This can be very fun but also tough, there are a lot of problems with this game but non...[Read More]

Waluigi’s Taco Stand Fan-Game Review

Introduction Yes, you read that right I am going to review a game where Waluigi is the main character, this is, of course, a fan game but nonetheless, this game also deserves to be reviewed. To play this game you need an N64 emulator and mess with some settings called the advanced settings. You need to change the RDRAM from 4 to 8 MB otherwise the game will crash. It is also wiser to use an older ...[Read More]

Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights Early Access Review

IntroductionIn this review we are going to look at an upcoming game that is currently in early access, our main goal is to answer if this game is worth buying in early access or if you should wait for the full release. The full game name is, Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights but I am going to call the game Ender Lilies in the review. Ender Lilies is a Metroidvania game that meets Castlevania and...[Read More]

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