Aariel needs you for beta testing!

Hello everyone, My name is Supersven and I am looking for some help for my friend Aariel.Aariel is working on a wonderful new game that is called: The plague of 2020. Her goal is to finish this game in 2020, it is about all the events that have happened this year.Aariel is having trouble in reaching this deadline with creating her game. She needs help from you! She needs help from people that want to co-operate with her in creating this game. For the help she is looking for you will need to be able to work with the RPG maker engine! Every person that helps Aariel will be shown in the credits. As a bonus, you will gain discounts on her merchandise for the game.Aariel also has some free stuff that you can earn by working with her!What is Aariel looking for? Are you an artist familiar with tracing line art? Do you have any other game-making skills? Are you in for testing a game for free and gaining credit rights? Do you love to hunt down pesky bugs in games to create the smoothest game that you can think of? If you have any other skills to help Aariel you are free to contact her. If any of the above apply to you, contact Aariel to help her before she hits the deadline!With your help, she can beat the deadline and complete the plague of 2020!You can contact Aariel on this profile link in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009124996133You can also contact Aariel on this email: nameroftheguardian@gmailcom.You also message me to get into contact with Aariel!